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Lightbringer Loot!



If you’re interested in GraphicAudio’s dramatic audio performance of The Black Prism or The Blinding Knife, note that GraphicAudio is giving away some swag! Those who purchase any 3 titles (by which we believe they mean any 3 tracks — we have an email in and will update asap) in the Lightbringer Series will receive a free T-Shirt and cast autographed poster of the GraphicAudio cover illustration of The Black Prism (go HERE to purchase and HERE for more details about the giveaway).

There is a limited quantity of items available for giveaway, so don’t delay!

The Black Prism:Part 2 of 3 in GraphicAudio!

That’s right, folks. It’s already February. Know what that means? The next segment of The Black Prism is now available from GraphicAudio!

If you’ve been dying to hear more of the drama about Gavin, Kip and co., we’ve got 7 additional hours now available. Check it out over here.

Or if you’re like me, and the only type of gratification is instant gratification, you can wait until March and get it all at once. (Wait, instant gratification means waiting until March?).

And, just so you know… I already have all three parts. Yep. GraphicAudio shipped them all to me already.

Because I’m awesome.

Hear The Black Prism on GraphicAudio!

Got a long plane ride home from holidays with the relatives? Still stuck in your plowed-in Ford Fiesta trying to avoid the 50th round of “I SPY” and “20 Questions”? Time will fly (even if your plane is grounded) if you’re listening to the first audio installment of The Black Prism! Just think of it as a post-holiday present from me — that you have to pay for. (Hey, you should see my credit card statement!)

GraphicAudio is releasing the audiobook version of The Black Prism in three installments, one each month from now until March–which just so happens to be my birth month. And what am I getting you for my birthday? You guessed it!

So, if you’ve got the holiday blues… get something Black. If that last fruitcake has you feeling bloated… try on six figure-slimming hours of sheer resonant bliss!

If you have trouble committing, (well, first of all, c’mon, it’s NEW YEARS, if you can’t commit mindlessly now, when can you?) *Ahem.* That is, if you have trouble committing, you can listen to an hour-long excerpt here, and download the MP3 or buy the CDs here.

We also sell diet books.*

I hear it’s a growth market.

*No, ma, not really.

GraphicAudio releases final Night Angel audio

If you enjoy audiobooks or their good-looking sister, the radio stage play, you may want to check out GraphicAudio. They’ve just released the final volume of Beyond the Shadows. I’ve had really good feedback so far, but if you’re on the fence or just curious what the deal is, they have free samples of their production on their website. GraphicAudio has also posted an interview with me, and another interview with the multi-talented director and musician Johann Dettweiler.

Five Interviews

It is currently unknown just how much Weeksian goodness the human body can endure, so in the interests of science, I present to you, not one, not two-point-two-five, but five, entire, uncut interviews with… me.

No no no! Come back!

First, a podcast with the excellent folks at GraphicAudio. This interview is about a half an hour long, and I’d tell you more about it if I could remember it all or bear to listen to the sound of my own voice. There are spoilers up through the end of the first book. GraphicAudio has just released the second part of book 2, Shadow’s Edge, and is selling the cd version at at discount right now. In case you missed the earlier post, they do abridged audiobooks with, in this case, 30 actors, a ton of original soundtrack music, and sound effects. I know these books are a huge technical and artistic challenge for them, and they’ve brought an awesome amount of enthusiasm to the project. Fun, cool people.

Then, a decidedly unprofessional, totally unedited take of me taking about ten fan questions that were submitted to I warn at the beginning about spoilers, but then didn’t get asked any spoilery questions, so it actually is spoiler-free. If you want to get YOUR questions answered, we may well do some future segments, depending on my shame threshold. So go ahead and send away. Heck, we may even figure out proper lighting and video editing.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

A big thanks to Heather and Katie, who compiled the questions, brought the camera, and figured out how to post it. And also endured my mockery.

For the French loving audience out there, three interviews taken while I was at the Paris Salon du Livre in March:

A written interview with Elbakin in French and in English.

A live radio interview with L’Autre Monde (choose Interview on the left menu, then scroll down to Weeks, Brent). Obviously, I speak English, so the interview is in English. A written French version is also available.

And finally, a written French interview with Cedric Gasperini at GamAlive.