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Brent Will Be at Rose City Comic Con!

Hi friends,

You may have noticed an update to the EVENTS page on this website. If you haven’t…. well, it’s a good thing you’re reading this now, isn’t it?!

Brent is a literary guest at Rose City Comic Con this year! He will be on a panel — SFF Authors & Real World Ideas — Saturday, September 10, with Robin Hobb, John Scalzi, Wesley Chu, and others. The discussion starts at 11am, and will be followed by a book signing in the RCCC bookstore.

This will be Brent’s first public appearance in the US in a long while, and he’s excited to see fans and friends–including some of you! (I say some of you because, frankly, there are a LOT of y’all. It’s so awesome.)

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Good morning from Abu Dhabi, UAE! I’m here all week for the International Book Fair, and I’ll be in conversation with sci-fi author and publisher Noura Al Noman on Friday, May 27 at 6pm GST(that’s Gulf Standard Time), or:

7:00 PDT

10:00 EDT

14:00 UTC

If you’re local, please do join us, and be sure to say hello!

The Shopify Store is Open

[trumpet fanfare]

The Brent Weeks Store is officially open for the 2021 season! We are taking orders for books (hardcover copies of THE BLACK PRISM, with the NEW new, perfectly matchy slipcover) and apparel (we’re offering hoodies and tote bags this year!) from November 1-November 30.

Get yours now for delivery in time for the December holidays!

Real Life Fantasy: Orholam’s Wink

Several readers have pointed out recently that Orholam’s Wink–or Neptune’s Wink, as it’s sometimes called–is a real thing. It is a meteorological optical phenomenon that (long story short) happens when sunlight is refracted by our atmosphere at a particular angle. You can see this phenomenon live and in-person… If you’re in the right place. At the right time.

Thanks Reddit user MandalorePrimus

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the right place is sea level, and the right time is sunset, or sunrise.

From The California Sun (click photo for link)

The timing for sunrise is a bit tricky, since you’d need to be staring at the horizon at sea level on a cloudless morning just before the sun begins to peek out over the horizon.

I don’t know about you, but I need more sleep than that. Also I live near a west-facing coast, so watching for the wink at sunrise is…impractical.

I digress.

The print/online magazine Physics World has an article about this lovely little gift from our atmosphere, shared in 2015.

The article is worth a read; it’s an explanation of the green flash, but it’s also a story from astrophotographer Pete Lawrence. In it he explains, “The atmosphere acts like a prism, refracting different wavelengths by varying amounts.”

A prism, hmmmmm? You think Pete is a Lightbringer fan?

Fan Art Tuesday: A Blackguard t-shirt

Lauren Melone sent us this photo of her wearing a t-shirt that she designed herself.

I don’t know about y’all, but I NEED one of these shirts! Granted, I won’t look as badass as Lauren does in it, but still. I would wear it almost every day, and on the off days I would hang it somewhere I could see it.

YAAAAAAS! Thanks for sharing, Lauren!


Fan Art Tuesday: @gpdavix

Another great piece by @gpdavix on Instagram! Check out his other work here.