The Black Prism:Part 2 of 3 in GraphicAudio!

That’s right, folks. It’s already February. Know what that means? The next segment of The Black Prism is now available from GraphicAudio!

If you’ve been dying to hear more of the drama about Gavin, Kip and co., we’ve got 7 additional hours now available. Check it out over here.

Or if you’re like me, and the only type of gratification is instant gratification, you can wait until March and get it all at once. (Wait, instant gratification means waiting until March?).

And, just so you know… I already have all three parts. Yep. GraphicAudio shipped them all to me already.

Because I’m awesome.

2 thoughts on “The Black Prism:Part 2 of 3 in GraphicAudio!

  1. Ceillean says:

    They only let you download it if you’re from Canada or the US. 🙁


  2. Joshua D says:

    Yeah, it really doesnt help fan who are from anywhere except America & Canada, please dont leave us out!

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