Hear The Black Prism on GraphicAudio!

Got a long plane ride home from holidays with the relatives? Still stuck in your plowed-in Ford Fiesta trying to avoid the 50th round of “I SPY” and “20 Questions”? Time will fly (even if your plane is grounded) if you’re listening to the first audio installment of The Black Prism! Just think of it as a post-holiday present from me — that you have to pay for. (Hey, you should see my credit card statement!)

GraphicAudio is releasing the audiobook version of The Black Prism in three installments, one each month from now until March–which just so happens to be my birth month. And what am I getting you for my birthday? You guessed it!

So, if you’ve got the holiday blues… get something Black. If that last fruitcake has you feeling bloated… try on six figure-slimming hours of sheer resonant bliss!

If you have trouble committing, (well, first of all, c’mon, it’s NEW YEARS, if you can’t commit mindlessly now, when can you?) *Ahem.* That is, if you have trouble committing, you can listen to an hour-long excerpt here, and download the MP3 or buy the CDs here.

We also sell diet books.*

I hear it’s a growth market.

*No, ma, not really.

2 thoughts on “Hear The Black Prism on GraphicAudio!

  1. I’ll probably be picking it up, I was intro’d to NAT via
    Graphic Audio. Interesting to hear Kylar Stern sounding vaguely
    like a ‘Three Musketeers’ era Michael York. And Logan’s speech in
    the second book is 10X more EPIC with music backing him.

  2. Remy Chartier says:

    If Graphicaudio’s treatment of the Black Prism is anything like the Night Angel Trilogy I’ll be picking it up for sure …just as soon as they do the whole trilogy. The Night Angel series is one of the best works of fiction I’ve experienced in quite some time, and Graphicaudio’s boundless enhancement made it all the more enjoyable.

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