Five Interviews

It is currently unknown just how much Weeksian goodness the human body can endure, so in the interests of science, I present to you, not one, not two-point-two-five, but five, entire, uncut interviews with… me.

No no no! Come back!

First, a podcast with the excellent folks at GraphicAudio. This interview is about a half an hour long, and I’d tell you more about it if I could remember it all or bear to listen to the sound of my own voice. There are spoilers up through the end of the first book. GraphicAudio has just released the second part of book 2, Shadow’s Edge, and is selling the cd version at at discount right now. In case you missed the earlier post, they do abridged audiobooks with, in this case, 30 actors, a ton of original soundtrack music, and sound effects. I know these books are a huge technical and artistic challenge for them, and they’ve brought an awesome amount of enthusiasm to the project. Fun, cool people.

Then, a decidedly unprofessional, totally unedited take of me taking about ten fan questions that were submitted to I warn at the beginning about spoilers, but then didn’t get asked any spoilery questions, so it actually is spoiler-free. If you want to get YOUR questions answered, we may well do some future segments, depending on my shame threshold. So go ahead and send away. Heck, we may even figure out proper lighting and video editing.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

A big thanks to Heather and Katie, who compiled the questions, brought the camera, and figured out how to post it. And also endured my mockery.

For the French loving audience out there, three interviews taken while I was at the Paris Salon du Livre in March:

A written interview with Elbakin in French and in English.

A live radio interview with L’Autre Monde (choose Interview on the left menu, then scroll down to Weeks, Brent). Obviously, I speak English, so the interview is in English. A written French version is also available.

And finally, a written French interview with Cedric Gasperini at GamAlive.

4 thoughts on “Five Interviews

  1. Sarah says:

    yay! Loved all the interviews!! Although, they’ve only got me more excited for Black Prism and the promise of some more Night Angel books? Yes Please!!!
    but just sayin’ Dumbledore couldn’t use the time turners becasue you have to get permission from the Minisrty of Magic; you can only use them for more subjects.
    but whatever, loved the interviews! It’s stuff like that that keeps us goin’ till August!

  2. Lundy Young says:

    Nice concept, I like hearing your answers to various questions. Your twitter posts keep me amused too. 🙂 I like the casual interview format. It appears that you’re in a comfortable setting (your home, I assume) and you’re comfortable with the peeps behind the camera.

    I need to watch again and count how many times you said jackass. (ha ha) ;p
    Oh and I’m so showing this to Joe… well I would… if I knew him.
    One of your ever-lovin’ fans,
    -Lundy from Indiana

  3. Corey Mcdowell says:

    i agree your characters would kick anyones ass i love ure books the actually got me in to reading and i talked my brother in to reading them to and he says there brilliant i cant wait for the black prisim . 🙂

  4. Trever says:

    Hey brent, whats your gamertag 😛 I loved all your books maybe we could play some Red Dead Redemption and talk.

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