4 thoughts on “The Broken Eye on GraphicAudio

  1. Caleb says:

    It’s infuriating how few of the titles I want to listen to on Graphic Audio are available on the international site, particularly all the Brent Weeks books.

    1. kevin shortt says:

      you can get the graphicaudio brent weeks books on cd on ebay not sure if the new one is available yet though

  2. Zeryth says:

    I just finished listening to all of Part 1. GraphicAudio work of voice and sound really does bring the text to life!

    Will they be doing the other parts of The Broken Eye?

  3. Jarod says:


    I’m with Caleb on this one, not only do I not own a disk drive of any sorts but the inflated prices that I saw the other 2 books at in Australia was crazy.

    Looks like im VPNing again to buy them. :/

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