2 thoughts on “GraphicAudio: The Broken Eye Part 2 of 3

  1. Tom Range says:


    I am a huge fan of the graphic audio recordings of these books, and i just spent around 57 hours in the last week relistening to the first two books along with the first two parts of the broken eye. I have all the books of course, but i love the GA version so much and want to experience the rest of this book for the first time with the actors and soundtrack. Part two ended at yet another extremely interesting part. I started reading the next bit from the book and the way i process words off a page takes too much away from so many awesome moments!

    The GA website says the next part is not out until november 1st! There is no possible way i could hold out until then. My life has fallen apart in the last week between working, spending a shred time with my family and laying on my back listening to this stuff! Ive always struggled as a reader and there is something this format brings to the texts that adds to the already great story.

    Part two came out early. Is there any chance that you guys know of, that part three might come out before november!? I am desperate! I need this soon somehow!


    1. axt113 says:

      Its out now

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