GraphicAudio releases final Night Angel audio

If you enjoy audiobooks or their good-looking sister, the radio stage play, you may want to check out GraphicAudio. They’ve just released the final volume of Beyond the Shadows. I’ve had really good feedback so far, but if you’re on the fence or just curious what the deal is, they have free samples of their production on their website. GraphicAudio has also posted an interview with me, and another interview with the multi-talented director and musician Johann Dettweiler.

9 thoughts on “GraphicAudio releases final Night Angel audio

  1. Pat says:

    Thankfully I have working eyes and a semi-functional brain, so I already own the Night Angel trilogy. But I’m sure GraphicAudio make a mean audiobook.

    I’m more posting because I saw the release date and said to myself “YAY! I know what I’m getting me on my birthday,” the 27th, incidentally, “and I’ll even pay Dymocks/A&R extortion fees”. Then I clicked the Australian publishing info (AZ? Odd) and it says two very depressing things. First, September 2010 so no birthday joy, and second, $45.00.

    I know you’re a struggling author, and this is your livelihood but Kylar has summarily executed for less. The UK price is AU$22.74, but this magically doubles in Australia? And here I thought liking Vegemite meant liking us…

  2. Matt Hayes says:

    Congrats on the audio. I don’t need it, ’cause I bought, read, and finished the whole Night Angel Trilogy in 10 days. (Would have been a week, but family came over). THE WAY OF SHADOWS took me 5 days to read, SHADOW’S EDGE took me 2, and BEYOND THE SHADOWS took me 3.

    I will probably get THE BLACK PRISM for my birthday. Coincidentally, the tour for TBP ends on my birthday. I can’t wait for this book because I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the NIGHT ANGEL trilogy. It’s my second favorite series, right under The Traveler Series by Timothy Wayne Stebens.

  3. Jody says:

    This is great news, and I now have them all. Let me tell you, it is WORTH the cost of getting these if you love the books. They really make it come alive in a way you’ve never experienced before. This is not merely one person reading semi-monotone for hours on end. This is a whole cast of characters, sound effects, music that is awesome (the Kylar/Elene love theme is perfect), and accents to make the nations distinct (why do you keep calling me forty?)

  4. Dominique says:

    Koo Beans man!!! =D

  5. Jonii says:

    I just listened to the preview on the Graphic Audio and it was awesome. I definitely want to acquire these as my budget permits!

  6. Adele says:

    I’m definatly going to get this when I scrounge up enough money.
    Is it imature that I laughed when the narater said “crawled over Azoth’s butt”? I think the narator annoying though. I pronounce Azoth; Ah-Zoth. I’m probably the wrong one anyway.

  7. Mike says:

    I have read all three books and listened to all three on graphic audio. I have to say that GA did an outstanding job creating a more movie-like feeling. I am happy I read the trilogy before listening because I got to play the guessing game on how each character would sound like and stuff. Some scenes had my adrenaline pumping as well as others bringing a little sniffle (no tears). I recommend everyone to check out the graphic audio version because they are absolutely amazing.

  8. Brian says:

    I concur. These Graphic Audio adaptations are absolutely earth-shattering! Anybody who remains, for whatever reason, unsure as to whether they should take the plunge and get these should…..RIGHT NOW!!! These audiobooks set the standard by which all others should follow. I would easily rank their releases side-by-side with anything another company, Big Finish Productions, has made available. This is top-shelf quality we’re talking here, friends, I kid you not.

  9. Aristide Pierre says:

    yes Aristide is my real name I know,I know it is an annoying one to pronounce (Air-es-stede)

    But, back to the point i read way of the shadows and a friend had the graphic audio version on her Ipod.
    and long story killed I fell in love, graphic audio is as it stated a movie in your mind! and night angel was like inception!!! the sutler hint’s towards the ending lol like sister A talking about the you know what and that ever so hideous woman who used it to become beautiful had me laughing at the irony in the end (clears throat) laughing threw the tears that is. but i saw that coming and the tiny hints on who azoth’s father might be…or could be, I don’t maybe I’m reading into what a certain mister had said in the first book. a little to much who knows. i just wanted to show my admiration other than that my wallet already has!……ALSO I can’t wait for the PERFECT shadow and i hope it comes out on graphic audio book cause it makes me feel like I’m in front of a radio in the 1950’s hearing an epic adventure sorry if this is poorly pontucated but being that English isn’t my first language i think i got what i need to off my chest O_O Brent Weeks I think i love you in a hetero no homo kinda way. you inspire me <3 <==== not in a gay way awkward…..

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