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In a small-town Montana school at age 12, Brent Weeks met the two great loves of his life. Edgar Allan Poe introduced him to the power of literature to transcend time and death and loneliness. Fate introduced him to The Girl, Kristi Barnes. He began his pursuit of each immediately.

The novel was a failure. The Girl shot him down.

Since then–skipping the boring parts–Brent has written eight best-selling novels with the Night Angel Trilogy and the Lightbringer Series, won several industry awards, and sold a few million books.

Brent and his wife Kristi live in Oregon with their two daughters. (Yeah, he married The Girl.)

You can contact Brent at brent(at)brentweeks(dot)com or fill out the comment form under the contact tab.

He does read all of his emails (the good ones, he’ll read two or three times, the little narcissist), and he does reply… sometimes. (If you have questions other people MAY have asked, maybe even frequently, you can live dangerously and check out the FAQ.)

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Agent Info

Brent is represented by the Donald Maass Literary Agency. Please contact Katie Shea Boutillier for foreign acquisitions, and Donald Maass for domestic rights.

Donald Maass Literary Agency
1000 Dean Street | Suite 331
Brooklyn, NY 11238
T: (212) 727-8383
F: (212)727-3271

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