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The Weeks Webstore is Open!

Hi friends,

The Brent Weeks Store is officially open for business! We will be taking orders for signed hardcover copies of THE BLACK PRISM as well as a selection of exclusive Night Angel and Lightbringer gear from now through November 30.

We are also offering five copies of the limited edition Night Angel Trilogy 10th Anniversary Omnibus , signed by Brent, for $100 apiece. Last year they sold out within a few hours, so don’t wait if you want a copy!

Please note that many of the t-shirts and sweatshirts are on backorder–which means you can pre-order your shirt now, and it will arrive by early December at the latest. Arrival date will depend on your location, shipping speed, and turnaround time for our local printer.

Happy shopping!

Real Life Promo Roundup

Let’s start with the fun part: A Real Life Fantasy Condor.

The photo is from an article in New Scientist magazine. Stealth glider made out of special polymer self-destructs in sunlight. I’ve never considered whether luxin was a polymer before now. A 30-second Google search confirms in my mind that it couldn’t be anything but.

“Then the luxin hardened in its shape, which was as much like a condor’s wings as Gavin had been able to manage. The wings caught the air, and Karris and Gavin shot into the sky.

The first time Gavin had attempted it, he’d tried to hold one wing in each hand. He’d learned then why birds have hollow bones and weigh almost nothing. The lift had nearly torn his arms off. He’d gone home wet, bruised, and angry, with most of the muscles in his arms and chest torn. By making the condor all one piece instead, he’d taken away the need for muscle at all. The whole thing flew on the strength and flexibility of the luxin, speed, and wind.

Of course, it didn’t really fly. It glided. He’d tried to use the reeds, but it hadn’t worked so far. For the time being, the condor had a limited range.

Karris wasn’t complaining. She was wide-eyed. “Gavin! Orholam, Gavin, we’re flying!” She laughed, carefree.”

The Black Prism p.70, Brent Weeks, 2010


Next order of business:

The Brent Weeks Shopify Store is (Still) Open! Buy an exclusive t-shirt or signed copy of THE BLACK PRISM from the man himself.


Fans in the UK can buy the WAY OF SHADOWS ebook for 99p. This deal doesn’t last forever, so snag it while you can!


And last but certainly not least, Brent will stream his November Q&R video live next Tuesday, 17 November, at 2pm PST. Make sure to register for the event on Crowdcast!

The Shopify Store is Open!

Hi everybody,

🎊🎉 The Shopify Store is officially open for business! 🎉🎊

We will have Lightbringer shirts, Night Angel shirts, and 1st Ed hardcover copies of THE BLACK PRISM available for purchase from October 21 – November 30. Please note that this is a true “mom and pop” store; it’s two people and boxes of stuff. We will be fulfilling orders one day a week, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Remember, there’s still time to enter the Orbit Loot Giveaway, we’ve kicked off the Nine Kings Fan Art Contest, and Brent will be out and about to celebrate the release of THE BURNING WHITE.

This is a BIG WEEK for us in Weeksland, so stay tuned for more fun surprises!

ETA: We already have another fun surprise! We’ve added two more exclusive Lightbringer shirts to our inventory.

Now get yourself a shirt! Make art! And read! But not too fast. You might miss some of the finer moments.

The Brent Weeks Online Store is Open

Hi friends,

Y’all have been asking for Brent Weeks stuff lately, and we have great news: the Shopify store is back!

Take note–we will be open for one month only, Nov 1 – Nov 30. Stock is limited, so grab your t-shirts and books while you can. Get your holiday shopping done early! *wink*

There’s a link to the store HERE, and we will be adding a widget at the top of the home page here on the official website…

black-on-black Night Angel 10th Anniversary shirt
C’mon, you know you want one…


15% off your entire order — TODAY (November 27) only.

What’s that you say? You haven’t yet purchased a Night Angel T-Shirt for your loved one for the holidays?

You still long for a hardcover copy of The Black Prism… signed?… with new dust jacket?


In case you missed it above — I’m here to help you out. Need a present for those tricky friends who “have everything?”

Not yet they don’t.

Order on Cyber Monday, get 15% off your entire order.

CLICK HERE to get  the discount automatically when you check out — or use NIGHTANGEL as your discount code when you click through to the web store.

And CLICK HERE to see some of the other great Cyber Monday (or Cyber Week!) deals from some big-name fantasy authors!


Web Store Re-Opening!



Merry (early) Christmas!

For a limited time only:

If you’d like to get that special someone a copy of The Black Prism (with Brent’s signature) or one of these SWEET Night Angel T-shirts, you’re once again in luck!

Today (November 7) until December 1, you can order Night Angel T-Shirts and signed first edition copies of The Black Prism (which include the new dust jacket) from our web store!

You can order any listed size t-shirt until November 20th, after which you’ll only be able to order t-shirts that are in-stock (until December 1).

This will allow us to put in a fresh order with our t-shirt vendor and (hopefully) get you the shirts in time for Christmas. (Well, at least in the U.S. Shipping times are longer outside the States!)

If you’re inside OR outside the U.S., you can order! If you don’t see your country listed, please contact Brent’s assistant at elisa_at_brentweeks_dot_com.

NOTE 1: Shipping is once-a-week due to our limited web store staff.

NOTE 2: The Black Prism is signed, not personalized, by Brent.

Web store closed for the holidays!

UPDATE: The web store is closed indefinitely. We’ll be back as soon as we’re able. Thank you for patience and support!

We’ve had tremendous success with the launch of our new web store — thank you to everyone who ordered a t-shirt or a book in recent weeks!

We are closing the store for the holidays, and re-opening on January 2, 2017. All current orders will be processed.

See you in the New Year!

MORE Night Angel T-Shirts (Women’s Sizes Too!)

So pleased to announce that more men’s shirts are available to order — as well as these awesome new women’s shirts! We also have extended sizing now available. If you don’t see your size, contact us at and we should be able to get those to you for a few dollars more! Go HERE to order.

And just in case you forgot how great our regular t-shirts are:

Black Night Angel Shirt

White Night Angel Shirt

Shipping will begin about April 4th — once we have the t-shirts from the printer. Shipping U.S. only (though we hope to change that soon).