MORE Night Angel T-Shirts (Women’s Sizes Too!)

So pleased to announce that more men’s shirts are available to order — as well as these awesome new women’s shirts! We also have extended sizing now available. If you don’t see your size, contact us at and we should be able to get those to you for a few dollars more! Go HERE to order.

And just in case you forgot how great our regular t-shirts are:

Black Night Angel Shirt

White Night Angel Shirt

Shipping will begin about April 4th — once we have the t-shirts from the printer. Shipping U.S. only (though we hope to change that soon).

4 thoughts on “MORE Night Angel T-Shirts (Women’s Sizes Too!)

  1. Dookiewolf says:

    I want one! Live in Scotland though 🙁

  2. John Westcott says:

    Any chance we can get a shirt based on this cover? I’d buy something like this in a heartbeat.

    1. John Westcott says:

      Forgot to add the link. Can we get a T shirt based on this? I’d love this:

  3. Simon says:

    So wish these were available outside the US. Love the white tee.

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