The Shopify Store is Open!

Hi everybody,

🎊🎉 The Shopify Store is officially open for business! 🎉🎊

We will have Lightbringer shirts, Night Angel shirts, and 1st Ed hardcover copies of THE BLACK PRISM available for purchase from October 21 – November 30. Please note that this is a true “mom and pop” store; it’s two people and boxes of stuff. We will be fulfilling orders one day a week, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Remember, there’s still time to enter the Orbit Loot Giveaway, we’ve kicked off the Nine Kings Fan Art Contest, and Brent will be out and about to celebrate the release of THE BURNING WHITE.

This is a BIG WEEK for us in Weeksland, so stay tuned for more fun surprises!

ETA: We already have another fun surprise! We’ve added two more exclusive Lightbringer shirts to our inventory.

Now get yourself a shirt! Make art! And read! But not too fast. You might miss some of the finer moments.

6 thoughts on “The Shopify Store is Open!

  1. Fan says:

    To bad the ‘Blackguard’ shirt doesn’t have a man’s version.

      1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

        I just added the “men’s” size version about an hour ago. Nice catch!

  2. Jenni says:

    I ordered on October 22nd, how long before the item ships?

    1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

      Hey Jenni,

      We’ll have our first chance to start shipping out orders tomorrow. If another week passes and you don’t see your stuff, email me (admin at brentweeks dot com) and we’ll figure it out. Thank you so much for your patience!

  3. Shannon Blake says:

    Why isn’t there a Turtle-Bear shirt? In green, please.

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