Web Store Re-Opening!



Merry (early) Christmas!

For a limited time only:

If you’d like to get that special someone a copy of The Black Prism (with Brent’s signature) or one of these SWEET Night Angel T-shirts, you’re once again in luck!

Today (November 7) until December 1, you can order Night Angel T-Shirts and signed first edition copies of The Black Prism (which include the new dust jacket) from our web store!

You can order any listed size t-shirt until November 20th, after which you’ll only be able to order t-shirts that are in-stock (until December 1).

This will allow us to put in a fresh order with our t-shirt vendor and (hopefully) get you the shirts in time for Christmas. (Well, at least in the U.S. Shipping times are longer outside the States!)

If you’re inside OR outside the U.S., you can order! If you don’t see your country listed, please contact Brent’s assistant at elisa_at_brentweeks_dot_com.

NOTE 1: Shipping is once-a-week due to our limited web store staff.

NOTE 2: The Black Prism is signed, not personalized, by Brent.

One thought on “Web Store Re-Opening!

  1. Shannon Blake says:

    An we please get an “I am the turtle-bear!” shirt?

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