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Far, Far Away — or in Your Backyard?

To everyone who’s ever dreamed of owning The Night Angel Trilogy in Yiddish…

Your wait is not over!

BUT if you’re looking for a handy guide to the available international editions of The Night Angel Trilogy and The Lightbringer Series –  then you’ve come to the right place. We now have an International Editions page, and we’ll be posting updates as books are both bought and released by publishers around the world. The page has links to the publishers’ actual websites, as well as places to go to buy the books online (unless we haven’t had luck finding them online, or if they aren’t published yet!)

And if you just wanted a quick overview of some of the cool covers… scroll away!

Navigate the 7 Satrapies and Midcyru

Wish you could see high-resolution, full-page version of the maps in my books? Frustrated with the resolution on your Kindle or other electronic paraphrenalia? Wish for an excuse to pull out your iPad at random gatherings and show everyone how cool you are? Well, wish no more — we now have maa-aaps! Thanks to the hard work of the folks at Orbit, they’ve provided us glorious, high-resolution maps of both The Night Angel Trilogy and The Black Prism. Check out Midcyru here, and The Seven Satrapies here. Or you can follow the links from my Extras page here.

Moin–or Hola–Europa!

Besides being of at least 1/16th German extraction, I’ve got another reason to love the country – they have lots of fantasy fans! And now I’ve got a killer interview with sci-fi/fantasy German webzine Zauberspiegel. So if you speak German, or even feel vaguely Teutonic during Oktoberfest, come on over here! For those of you non-German speakers, my interviewer, Horst Hermann von Allworden, has graciously provided an English translation here as well!

Oh wait, that’s me talking in English–it just sounds like English run through Google translate and back again. Which reminds me of a classic (possibly apocryphal) example of a phrase run unsuccessfully through the translation grinder:

The vodka is strong, but the meat is rotten!

(The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.)

And on to Spain, land of Cervantes, whom I have it on good authority Random House Mondadori actually rejected. (Okay, I made that up.) Mondadori has just released the 2nd book in the Night Angel Trilogy! (W00t!) To get a copy of Al Filo de Las Sombras in Spain, click here. To just check out my Spanish-as-in-Spain webpage, go here.

New (Spanish) Website!

Spanish language cover
(click to enlarge)

In Spain, they tell me, el asasino perfecto no tiene amigos, sino objectivos.

Thanks to the hard work of our friends in Spain at Random House Mondadori, we’ve got a fantastic new Spanish-language website! It’s got something for everyone: a quiz competition for a FREE copy of the second book (coming out November 19th!), a place for reviews & comments, a count-down clock to the release of Al Filo De La Sombras, and links to a Spanish “Weekipedia”!!

As you astute readers might have guessed, the Weekipedia is a spot for Spanish-speakers to indulge their love the Night Angel Trilogy by sharing with factoids on characters, places, and events in the Night Angel universe!

Plus, you can get a peek at the new cover of soon-to-be-released Al Filo De La  Sombras.

(To us Spanish-speaking-ignoramuses, that’s The Shadow’s Edge.)

Russia Reads the Trilogy

Maybe not ALL of Russia – but the final book of the Night Angel Trilogy is now available for all you Russian readers – or readers with Russian friends !

And they’ve got Kylar Stern surrounded. Hot chick on his right, army on his left, and bad-assed beastie behind him… well, even Kylar Stern could use a little help. Looks like no one’s safe!

Of course, this is Brent Weeks! So we already knew that.

In Hungarian: Az Arnyak Utjan

Ok, ok, so the above doesn’t have all the cool accents etc. that the REAL Hungarian title does.

For those who can actually read Hungarian – or just like seeing the Trilogy in all its polylingual glory – here’s the Hungarian cover of The Way of Shadows:

At the Edge of the Shadow–Russian Cover

… or in Russian, “At The Edge of the Shadow”. As well as I can tell, EKSMO has renamed the trilogy “Masters of Might and Magic”. Many thanks to the alert reader who let us know that the Russian cover for the second book is now available online.  Once again, the artist has pulled things from the book in a great way. Notice the divided background between day and night which puts Kylar right at–well, you know.

Lots more details from the series on this cover. Can’t wait to see what they do for the third book in the trilogy!

*EDIT* Apparently, the “Masters of Might and Magic” is an imprint under which EKSMO publishes foreign fantasy books. Thank you to Aleks for the heads up!

Omnibus Pics

File under Can’t Believe I Haven’t Posted This Yet. Below are pictures of Night Angel: A Trilogy. It’s a 1392 page omnibus (3 books in 1) of, obviously, the Night Angel Trilogy. I’ve posted the following info before, but then I didn’t have my own copy, so I couldn’t post pictures. This is only available through the Science Fiction Book Club (US) or SFBC Canada which are analogous to those old CD clubs. I know a few people who are members, and they’re all happy with SFBC. It’s $15 for current members, or 20 cents if you choose it as one of your introductory books when you join. Sorry, not trying to hawk my wares, I’ve just had a lot of questions about if it’s possible to get the trilogy in hard cover.

It's a monster
It's a monster. (Click to enlarge.)


Big, and fat. Always a winning combination.
Big...and fat. Always a winning combination. (Click to enlarge.)

The Best-selling SFF Debut of 2008 is…

Complicated. No, really. According to Bookscan (the most accurate measure of book sales available), the best-selling fantasy debut of 2008 in the United States was Russell Kirkpatrick, with Across the Face of the World (excerpt HERE). I came in at #2 with The Way of Shadows–not bad for a book that’s only been out three months! Congratulations, Russell.

In the UK, however, I did grab the big chihuahua. #1 in the land of Shakespeare and Scary Spice, baby. Brilliant!

I have to confess to being particularly pleased by this tidbit from the press release: “Tim Holman said, ‘This year has also got off to a great start for Brent: this week, the three books in the Night Angel Trilogy are the first, second, and third bestselling mass-market paperbacks in the UK SFF market.'” Aside from the obvious (it’s great to be selling well), I like to think that means something. You can fool a reader with a great cover, and I do have great covers. But if what’s between the covers stinks, most people aren’t going to come back for more punishment.  Right? Unless people in the UK are such art-lovers that they decided that the covers alone are worth eight pounds. Which is possible. Crap.

In other news, the Great Arbiter of All Things Worth Knowing (Wikipedia, natch), now lists your humble correspondent. (Thanks to you fans who took it upon yourselves to make sure the world knows I exist.)