Navigate the 7 Satrapies and Midcyru

Wish you could see high-resolution, full-page version of the maps in my books? Frustrated with the resolution on your Kindle or other electronic paraphrenalia? Wish for an excuse to pull out your iPad at random gatherings and show everyone how cool you are? Well, wish no more — we now have maa-aaps! Thanks to the hard work of the folks at Orbit, they’ve provided us glorious, high-resolution maps of both The Night Angel Trilogy and The Black Prism. Check out Midcyru here, and The Seven Satrapies here. Or you can follow the links from my Extras page here.

4 thoughts on “Navigate the 7 Satrapies and Midcyru

  1. john carey says:

    loved night angel trilogy thanks so much for writing wish i could write like you do

  2. Enna says:

    I think that reading the Night Angel Trilogy or Black Prism
    wouldn’t feel the same without these maps! And whenever I come upon
    a new place I have to locate it right away, these are just so
    awesome 🙂

  3. Lisa R says:

    I loved the Night Angel trilogy and “The Black Prism.” I’m excited for the second Lightbringer book. 🙂 I’m curious though, why the map for “The Black Prism” has South at the top, rather than North?

  4. I love the Lightbringer series. Oh no, I don’t see Sundered Rock on the 7 Satrapies map!

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