Russia Reads the Trilogy

Maybe not ALL of Russia – but the final book of the Night Angel Trilogy is now available for all you Russian readers – or readers with Russian friends !

And they’ve got Kylar Stern surrounded. Hot chick on his right, army on his left, and bad-assed beastie behind him… well, even Kylar Stern could use a little help. Looks like no one’s safe!

Of course, this is Brent Weeks! So we already knew that.

2 thoughts on “Russia Reads the Trilogy

  1. Ceillean says:

    You know…the guy on the cover looks a lot like Chris Pine.

  2. DrinkySmurf says:

    Wow! I was literally about to say the same thing here!
    HAHA! Was that on purpose do you think? Now when I read the books I
    am gonna be imposing Pine’s face over Kylars…not sure how I feel
    about that.

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