Moin–or Hola–Europa!

Besides being of at least 1/16th German extraction, I’ve got another reason to love the country – they have lots of fantasy fans! And now I’ve got a killer interview with sci-fi/fantasy German webzine Zauberspiegel. So if you speak German, or even feel vaguely Teutonic during Oktoberfest, come on over here! For those of you non-German speakers, my interviewer, Horst Hermann von Allworden, has graciously provided an English translation here as well!

Oh wait, that’s me talking in English–it just sounds like English run through Google translate and back again. Which reminds me of a classic (possibly apocryphal) example of a phrase run unsuccessfully through the translation grinder:

The vodka is strong, but the meat is rotten!

(The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.)

And on to Spain, land of Cervantes, whom I have it on good authority Random House Mondadori actually rejected. (Okay, I made that up.) Mondadori has just released the 2nd book in the Night Angel Trilogy! (W00t!) To get a copy of Al Filo de Las Sombras in Spain, click here. To just check out my Spanish-as-in-Spain webpage, go here.

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