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File under Can’t Believe I Haven’t Posted This Yet. Below are pictures of Night Angel: A Trilogy. It’s a 1392 page omnibus (3 books in 1) of, obviously, the Night Angel Trilogy. I’ve posted the following info before, but then I didn’t have my own copy, so I couldn’t post pictures. This is only available through the Science Fiction Book Club (US) or SFBC Canada which are analogous to those old CD clubs. I know a few people who are members, and they’re all happy with SFBC. It’s $15 for current members, or 20 cents if you choose it as one of your introductory books when you join. Sorry, not trying to hawk my wares, I’ve just had a lot of questions about if it’s possible to get the trilogy in hard cover.

It's a monster
It's a monster. (Click to enlarge.)


Big, and fat. Always a winning combination.
Big...and fat. Always a winning combination. (Click to enlarge.)

21 thoughts on “Omnibus Pics

  1. BishiBower says:

    [sobs] i love hardcover…I should have waited and gotten that. D:

  2. Tymen says:

    I bought the omnibus edition from the SFBC Canada. An excellent read, thank you for writing it.

  3. All 3 sweet covers in one clusterf*** Cover. Loves it!

    BTW Brent, I wanted you to know that your books have made me late coming back to work from my lunch like 12 times. My boss is pissed, but he can shove it, I was reading the Night Angel series!

  4. wow, all three books in one, awesome, Mr.Weeks, you are an awesome writer, Finally a Character that I can relate to, by that i mean stern.
    haha, i love the books, and will probably blame you when they finally catch me for mass murder.
    just kidding, but still, this book deserves to be turned into a TV show, because a movie just one cut it

  5. Alex says:

    Whoa, that’s a big book.

  6. Shane Fera says:

    I’m so glad I take time to grab new authors to read once and a while. Usually I find a new author, then get everything they’ve written and read through them. In this case, I’ve stumbled upon this series as your first.

    I feel great to have found you in the early stages of your career, and disheartened to remember what it’s like to wait for each new book in each new series to be written and published as you go.

    In any event, I’m looking forward to reading more from you, and can’t wait to see what else comes rattling from your mind through your fingertips.

    Peace, and thanks for diving into writing,

    Shane Fera

  7. Josh Coro says:

    I think your books are great I loved reading them they hook me as a reader and it was the first trilogy I ever bought and the first book I bought also.So thanks Brent Weeks for writing such a great trilogy.

  8. Luke Kormylo says:

    Saw your post, and just had to join SFBC to get that glorious looking hardcover book. I already own the paperbacks, but had to have more. Loving every moment!

  9. Travis C says:

    well i must say i was very impressed with the trilogy, i went out on a whim and bought the way of shadows, got half way through and knew i had to read the rest of the story and bought the other two so i wouldnt have to stop until i was done. very good, i am a sucker for hardcovers, expecially the big ones, if i can get my hands on one of them, trust me i will buy it even though i already own your trilogy. i am looking forward to more books, happy writting Mr. Weeks

  10. nerd says:

    hawk your wares, mr. weeks, hawk your wares.

  11. Jeff C says:

    I was very glad to see this omnibus. I have been an SFBC member for several years..mostly for their exclusive omnibus books. I found this one by accident (just happened to search for your name on their site) back in January and bought it immediately. Now I have a backup copy for when my paperbacks wear out 🙂

  12. Rev. Zen says:

    If there is ever a way to buy these without having to pay for a mambership, I will get one. What are the chances of getting one signed by you, Brent?

  13. Christian says:

    Just wanted you to know. I’ve been a member of SFBC Canada for a while. I always try authors I don’t know a thing about and I bought your 1200+ pages monster. The only thing I can tell you is wow. Never read anything like tis before and I’ve read, Hobb, Tolkien, Salvatore, Eddings and many author. You’re by far the best fantastic author I ever read and I wanted to thank you for writing this wonderful saga.

  14. Steve says:

    SFBC is where I discovered your books and I do love having it in hardcover.
    Getting the Trilogy in this edition is enough reason to join SFBC.
    Anxiously awaiting your next book !!

  15. Ian says:

    I love your books and wish i had saw the omnibus before i bought it..ah well,think i’ll rather read it a novel at a so hope there’s more Night Angel stories( shorts maybe?) to come..there’s still so much to read about your world.Thank you for such a great novel:)

  16. Shandria says:

    Brent…I was astounded by your books.

    I picked up the first copy near Christmas looking for potential books for my companion. He showed no interest in the months it stood on the shelf. Then one day I was very ill and very bored. I picked it up and I couldn’t put it down. As soon as I was well again I went to get the other two.

    Now I’m hunting for the hardbacks to add to my collected favorites. I love your character depths and your arcing storyline. When will you write more?

  17. Shandria says:

    Now how can I get the hardback living in the UK?

  18. Sandra says:

    When I found this little treasure on your website I searched the web for it and finally got a copy on ebay since there is no Science Fiction Book Club in Germany.
    I simply love your work and I needed that book.

  19. kevin shortt says:

    very excited about the hardback i bought all the paperbacks and had to buy a second copy of the first one as the spine just annoyed me when it got creased when reading it, as i did not cover it with adheasive plastic before reading it, found new hardback copy on ebay. cant wait for it to arrive:)

  20. Gabriel Dolecal says:

    Mr. Weeks, I must commend your writing, as it got me back into reading. It’s been a long while since I was so ensnared into literature, and your rich, thought provoking story was just what I needed. I read all three of your books within 2 weeks, and I’ve even lost the first one due to promoting by lending. I plan on buying your hard cover very soon. I’ve been telling people since I read the last page that THIS is going to be the next huge movie trilogy. Heres to hoping its done right (It’s inevitable).

  21. jacob nielson says:

    yes it rocked so much my socks came off!!

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