Far, Far Away — or in Your Backyard?

To everyone who’s ever dreamed of owning The Night Angel Trilogy in Yiddish…

Your wait is not over!

BUT if you’re looking for a handy guide to the available international editions of The Night Angel Trilogy and The Lightbringer Series –  then you’ve come to the right place. We now have an International Editions page, and we’ll be posting updates as books are both bought and released by publishers around the world. The page has links to the publishers’ actual websites, as well as places to go to buy the books online (unless we haven’t had luck finding them online, or if they aren’t published yet!)

And if you just wanted a quick overview of some of the cool covers… scroll away!

One thought on “Far, Far Away — or in Your Backyard?

  1. Ubiquitous says:

    As amazing as a Yiddish version would be, I’d be content
    with you just translating that elusive blessing Acaelus gave Kylar

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