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Lightbringer 10th Anniversary Extravaganza: Updates

Featuring covers from all 5 Lightbringer books

We have exciting news to share with all of you (and who doesn’t need a bit of good news right now?!) regarding the Lightbringer Series and THE BURNING WHITE.

Throughout the month of August, we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of THE BLACK PRISM being unleashed upon the world, as well as the trade paperback release of THE BURNING WHITE–the stunning finale to the series.

THE BLACK PRISM ebook will be discounted to $2.99 through the end of the month. (This is Brent’s Amazon Affiliate link.) The trade paperback edition of THE BURNING WHITE is available now!

On release day (August 11), Brent was in conversation with the incomparable Joe Abercrombie, via Orbit Crowdcast. You can watch the replay on the home page.

Brent will ALSO embark on a virtual book tour via Crowdcast! He will be in conversation with more fantastic Orbit authors as follows:

Andrea G. Stewart, author of THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER
Friday, August 21 at 7pm PDT
Sponsored by Mysterious Galaxy
Register for the event on Crowdcast


Django Wexler, author of ASHES OF THE SUN
Tuesday, August 25 at 6pm PDT
Sponsored by Powell’s Books
Register for the event on Crowdcast


Tuesday, September 1 at 3pm PDT
Sponsored by Joseph-Beth Books
Register for the event on Crowdcast


Wednesday, September 9 at 4pm PDT
Sponsored by Tubby & Coo’s
Register for the event on Crowdcast


More information regarding these events will be shared as they become available. Some details are subject to change, so stay tuned.

Celebrate Gavin, Kip, Andross, and company with us!

Half a King — by Joe Abercrombie

Half a King bookcoverOpportunities to blurb one’s nemesis are rare indeed. Having been published in ye olde aught-7, Joe Abercrombie is the elder in our Sith-padawan duo, whilst I have only been in print since late, late 2008. Our careers have followed similar trajectories: each of us receiving early and effusive critical praise (oh wait, that was him), each of us selling millions of books (him more millions–or a more… ebullient publicist), each of us winning the David Gemmell Legend Award (oh wait, that was me), each of us being dubbed George R. R. Martin’s heir apparent (oh wait, that was neither of us). I taught swing dancing in college; Joe does a wicked hip-hop-folk-dance-locomotion-twist-Macarena fusion that you wouldn’t believe. As you can see, the similarities are eerie.

When I opened the package containing Joe’s book (not addressed to me), I rubbed my hands together. I cackled. I stroked my beard. I got to work.

The trick, of course, is to write something that sounds positive, but may not be. You also have to avoid fragments that can be pulled that undermine your snarkish intent:  “I love John’s frequent use of correct punctuation in his work!” could be undermined. A canny publicist will pull real praise out of a reckless phrase, like so:  “I love John’s…work.” or, stretching morality, even “I love [this] work!”

If you write something the publisher doesn’t use at all, you’ve failed. (That is, unless you can get it to stick on Goodreads or Amazon.) And if you write something amazing but not specific to the target, people will just attribute it to Mark Twain. (“Any brilliant double-edged quote from an American author will be attributed to Mark Twain.” –Mark Twain) As you can see, a daunting task indeed.


So… a quote for Joe Abercrombie, eh? *cracks knuckles*

There are myriad correct ways to address Joe Abercrombie’s work; one of them even involves praise.

Let’s just get this out of the way. The low-hanging fruit*:
Though slender, I wouldn’t call it half a novel. Half a King isn’t half bad!
Is Half a King Abercrombie’s best yet? You’ll half to see for yourself!

*reviewers punning on the Half in the titles of this series, that there is a sin of weakness–unless you can make many puns in your review or find one that others have overlooked. I know, it’s hard to resist. You’ll be forgiven the “half” puns on this first novel. Do it on novel two and three, and you’ll earn sighs and derision, respectively.

Hitting where it hurts (the wallet):

There is only one way to show how much I enjoyed this book: I scanned it and am distributing it to the whole internet for free!

Here’s a good one for readers who like to believe they don’t look down on the YA genre:

Now writing Young Adult fantasy, Joe Abercrombie has finally found his intellectual home.

The baffling, yet catchy:

This book seals it: Joe Abercrombie is the Kanye West of fantasy.

The sneaky slander:

Critics have wondered, is there a Joe Abercrombie without the f-word? Fuck yes!

The secretly snarky:**

Will this novel make shortlists everywhere? Well, I certainly wouldn’t give it the axe!

**Only works if you know a rarely-used idiom, AND that the Gemmell Award is a battle axe.

The grimdark (the challenge here being to attach the mildly pejorative label “grimdark” to Joe’s work without ever using the term directly):

Some worried that Abercrombie’s move to Young Adult novels would mean a loss of his grim, dark tone. Though the events of this novel are often grim, dark themes aren’t overwhelming. Much as in the Brothers Grimm, dark colors are used to highlight moments of humor.

The needlessly cruel (may be attributed to Mark Twain):

Definitely worth picking up from the remainders shelf.
Worth every penny I paid for it. (My thanks to the publisher for the free review copy.)
I look forward to being able to get the whole series for half off.

My real blurb:

Perhaps his most technically proficient novel yet, I dare you to read the first chapter and try not to turn the next page. Some wondered if what makes Joe Abercrombie so different would survive the transition to YA. Abercrombie fans, have no fear: Polished and sharp, the un-adult-rated Abercrombie is still unadulterated Abercrombie.

Ugh, you have no idea how my stomach sinks to write actual praise. Dammit, Joe.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound

David Gemmell Legend Award Finalist!

First, thank you! Because of your votes, I am a finalist for the David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Novel. This means, no matter what, I will have a baby Snaga to add to my weapons belt. MOST helpful. You see, I have two baby Snagas (Babies Snaga? Baby Snagae?) right now, but there are situations in which one can draw and throw a baby Snaga as a free action. (1d4+STR) But if you throw one, and you only have two, you’re no longer dual-wielding. So having a third solves a terrible problem.

But it is ever the desire of an adventurer to get better loot. Thus, Snaga. (Greataxe 2d6+6 19-20 x3, Valiant, Mighty Cleaving, Keen, Legendary).

Between me and the object of my barbarian longings? A slew of talented rivals. And Joe Abercrombie. (Congrats to Helen Lowe, Mark Lawrence, and Jay Kristoff. Abercrombie is now writing children’s books, so I’ve heard he’s withdrawing. Don’t waste your vote.)

Voting only takes three clicks (HERE). Let your conscience be your guide.

Brent Weeks!

Author D&D Video Now Available!

You can now watch the epic author D&D game from Epic ConFusion earlier this year! Authors who participated (in clockwise order) include Jim C. Hines, Joe Abercrombie, Peter V. Brett, Saladin Ahmed, Elizabeth Bear, and Myke Cole (in the mirror). Scott Lynch, Jay Lake and Pat Rothfuss and I were all wearing invisibility cloaks at the time of the first Youtube shot.

I’d also like to note that this was my very first D&D game. In the past, my friends were all so cool that they lost interest by the time we’d rolled characters.

(Erin McConnell and Peter V. Brett’s assistant Meg did an outstanding job preparing the video for public consumption and for editing three hours down to 30 minutes!)

Check it out:

Reddit AMA Update

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions to Tuesday’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit Fantasy! Lots of great questions, and I appreciated all the people who came on board just to say “hi”! I checked in yesterday morning to answer a bunch more questions, and will be checking in just briefly tomorrow (Friday) to answer a few more.

Moderator “elquesogrande” says that the event was in the top-10 of all their AMA events since they began 4.5 years ago, which is awesome. So a big thank you to everyone who participated! The Brent Weeks AMA came in at #7, just behind…

Wait a second.

Joe Abercrombie?!? Joe Abercrombie came in at #6?!?



Brent Brawling at the Borders Book Blog

What’s better than hearing your favorite writer geek out about writerly stuff? Hearing ME geek out about writerly stuff. What’s better than that? An epic MMA (mixed mental arts) cage match between Joe Abercrombie

Can you handle this?
Do you feel lucky, well, do ya...punk?

in the lily white trunks, weighing in at ten stone, and Brent Weeks in the sunburnt red trunks, weighing in at oh-my-goodness. (Okay, so I don’t even know how much ten stone is. Quirky Brits, pounds and kilos not enough for you?)
Borders Books has recently launched its new blog on all things SFF over HERE. They’ve already had some real stars show up for two-week stints each, including Brandon Sanderson, China Mieville, Kim Harrison, and Robert Sawyer. Now they want me and Joe. Joe I can understand, I mean, LOOK at him. Step aside, Daniel Craig. I think I’ve been signed up to be a red shirt. Or maybe the Washington Generals. But I’ll be doing my best to be Apollo Creed instead. He won in that first movie, you know. Anyway, Joe and I will be duking it out from July 21st to August 1st, so please drop by with your snide comments, piercing questions, and adoration.

And if he humiliates me, well, Apollo Creed is supposed to make Rocky look good. (Just don’t go all Ivan Drago on me, Joe.)

Remember, I get paid to lose.
Remember, I get paid to lose.