Author D&D Video Now Available!

You can now watch the epic author D&D game from Epic ConFusion earlier this year! Authors who participated (in clockwise order) include Jim C. Hines, Joe Abercrombie, Peter V. Brett, Saladin Ahmed, Elizabeth Bear, and Myke Cole (in the mirror). Scott Lynch, Jay Lake and Pat Rothfuss and I were all wearing invisibility cloaks at the time of the first Youtube shot.

I’d also like to note that this was my very first D&D game. In the past, my friends were all so cool that they lost interest by the time we’d rolled characters.

(Erin McConnell and Peter V. Brett’s assistant Meg did an outstanding job preparing the video for public consumption and for editing three hours down to 30 minutes!)

Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Author D&D Video Now Available!

  1. Mohammad says:

    Geekiest twenty-nine minutes and thirteen seconds of my life. Really glad you guys finally got it posted, and I can only wonder what the uncut, three hour long video must of been like, let alone the editing process.
    They’ve really got their work cut out for them, those two assistants.

  2. Aubrey Tate says:

    I see you’re drinking Mountain Dew. :3 Good choice.
    But I’m right there with you, Brent. I had my first D&D session with my wife and father-in-law this past July… after trying on several occasions to get into D&D but was never accepted by the group that was gathered. I was the popular kid and they thought I was there to make fun of them. Odd.
    What did you think of your first D&D game?

  3. Knuxchan says:

    AHHHH!!! I’m being tortured here!!! I want to play D&D with you guys!!!!!!!!!! I miss it sooooooo much!!!

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