David Gemmell Legend Award Finalist!

First, thank you! Because of your votes, I am a finalist for the David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Novel. This means, no matter what, I will have a baby Snaga to add to my weapons belt. MOST helpful. You see, I have two baby Snagas (Babies Snaga? Baby Snagae?) right now, but there are situations in which one can draw and throw a baby Snaga as a free action. (1d4+STR) But if you throw one, and you only have two, you’re no longer dual-wielding. So having a third solves a terrible problem.

But it is ever the desire of an adventurer to get better loot. Thus, Snaga. (Greataxe 2d6+6 19-20 x3, Valiant, Mighty Cleaving, Keen, Legendary).

Between me and the object of my barbarian longings? A slew of talented rivals. And Joe Abercrombie. (Congrats to Helen Lowe, Mark Lawrence, and Jay Kristoff. Abercrombie is now writing children’s books, so I’ve heard he’s withdrawing. Don’t waste your vote.)

Voting only takes three clicks (HERE). Let your conscience be your guide.

Brent Weeks!

One thought on “David Gemmell Legend Award Finalist!

  1. robert says:

    Your such a nerd… and that’s awsome

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