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Thanks to everyone who submitted questions to Tuesday’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit Fantasy! Lots of great questions, and I appreciated all the people who came on board just to say “hi”! I checked in yesterday morning to answer a bunch more questions, and will be checking in just briefly tomorrow (Friday) to answer a few more.

Moderator “elquesogrande” says that the event was in the top-10 of all their AMA events since they began 4.5 years ago, which is awesome. So a big thank you to everyone who participated! The Brent Weeks AMA came in at #7, just behind…

Wait a second.

Joe Abercrombie?!? Joe Abercrombie came in at #6?!?



4 thoughts on “Reddit AMA Update

  1. Mikayla says:

    LOL, I loved the cat pic…

    Wait, who’s Joe Abercrombie? 😮
    Honestly, I’ve never heard of him… Anyone?

  2. Jason Goldstein says:

    I hope you’re being sarcastic but just in case, Joe Abercrombie wrote the first law trilogy as his first major public work, he write from first person narrative but focuses on different characters throughout the story. His writing is brutal, visceral, and real. The plots are thought out not unfolding by the end of a book, but by the end of a trilogy, showing a remarkable ability to map out a story. The dialogue is sharp and real, the characters speak as though they were actual people, and the jumps from first person narrative perspective are so contrasted, you would think that the book is written by more than one person. The books have a more realistic feel, less magic is thrown about, but much is discussed. The first book fleshes out the characters and is more political than action packed, however he does not disappoint with the violence (in fact the combination between conflict build up for tension and actual battle is quite stirring) in the later books. If you enjoy adult fantasy and have not read these books you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

    BTW, if you ever read this Brent, It’s Jason from the North Charleston Books-a-Million and I’m happy to say we’re constantly sold out of your books, three of my co-workers have now read them and we practically staple them to the foreheads of the navy kids that come in. More importantly they come back with glowing reviews 😀

  3. Crimius says:

    I can’t believe I missed the Brent weeks AMA. I am thoroughly interested in seeing more books telling of Kylar’s future exploits, as well as some of Durzo’s past ones, or perhaps even one describing Ezra’s discovery and creation of the ka’kari. I will post a question here in hopes that you see it: What are some other theif/rogue/assassin books you’ve read and would recommend?

    I’ve been burning through them recently and can’t get enough: David Chandler’s Ancient Blades trilogy, Douglas Hulick’s Among Theives, Robin Hobb’s Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies, Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, all I’ve found to be great pieces of work (David Chandler’s actually struck me as a bit more…amateurish for lack of a better word, but it felt like it got better as it progressed). Of course, I don’t just stick to them, but they’re the kind of fantasy I find most interesting.

    1. brent says:

      Think you hit most of my favorites there. Anyone else have recommendations?

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