Lightbringer 10th Anniversary Extravaganza: Updates

Featuring covers from all 5 Lightbringer books

We have exciting news to share with all of you (and who doesn’t need a bit of good news right now?!) regarding the Lightbringer Series and THE BURNING WHITE.

Throughout the month of August, we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of THE BLACK PRISM being unleashed upon the world, as well as the trade paperback release of THE BURNING WHITE–the stunning finale to the series.

THE BLACK PRISM ebook will be discounted to $2.99 through the end of the month. (This is Brent’s Amazon Affiliate link.) The trade paperback edition of THE BURNING WHITE is available now!

On release day (August 11), Brent was in conversation with the incomparable Joe Abercrombie, via Orbit Crowdcast. You can watch the replay on the home page.

Brent will ALSO embark on a virtual book tour via Crowdcast! He will be in conversation with more fantastic Orbit authors as follows:

Andrea G. Stewart, author of THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER
Friday, August 21 at 7pm PDT
Sponsored by Mysterious Galaxy
Register for the event on Crowdcast


Django Wexler, author of ASHES OF THE SUN
Tuesday, August 25 at 6pm PDT
Sponsored by Powell’s Books
Register for the event on Crowdcast


Tuesday, September 1 at 3pm PDT
Sponsored by Joseph-Beth Books
Register for the event on Crowdcast


Wednesday, September 9 at 4pm PDT
Sponsored by Tubby & Coo’s
Register for the event on Crowdcast


More information regarding these events will be shared as they become available. Some details are subject to change, so stay tuned.

Celebrate Gavin, Kip, Andross, and company with us!

6 thoughts on “Lightbringer 10th Anniversary Extravaganza: Updates

  1. Richard Maxton says:

    We must have 10th Anniversary editions of the series aka the Dragonsteel Editions of Brandon Sanderson’s books. Since it is a well known fact your are a rogue Sander-bot I expect this to happen (pretty please).

  2. Noah Brown says:

    Like Richard said, a tenth anniversary edition of the Black Prism would be very nice to have on my shelf to replace my old paperback.

    1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

      It’s unlikely that a reissue of THE BLACK PRISM hardcover will happen… But Brent does have hardcover 1st editions of it in his webstore. With updated slipcovers. That will open around late October 🙂

      1. James says:

        This is exciting news. How can I get a reminder when this happens?

        I’d 3rd a special 10 year anniversary edition though.

        1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

          Hi James,

          This is your friendly reminder that we will open Brent’s webstore on October 15 October 26 this year (we’re going to share official announcements here on the website and elsewhere on social media in the coming days).


  3. James Oliger says:

    Just snagged the 10th anniversary edition of the night angel trilogy. I really hope you decide to do something special for the new series.

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