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Should Evil Ever Win?

My friend Shawn Speakman over at the huge SFF blog Suvudu sometimes poses some Big Questions to authors in the genre. This past week, he included me. I am more than happy to have been able to join Terry Brooks, C.S. Friedman, newcomer Peter Orullian, and Dave Wolverton in answering “Why do you think evil never wins at the end of a story?  Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the antagonists won and the protagonists lost?  Has no one ever come up with the idea or do publishers just never publish such stories?”

But rather than steal his thunder, I’ll just post the link here. Please feel free to comment!

Brent Weeks Chats with Peter Orullian

Ever wish you could spend an evening with your favorite writer down at the local bar, just chatting about life, music, writing? Can you imagine yourself at a tavern, quaffing beers and quizzing Brent? We’ve now got the next best thing, courtesy of up-and-coming fantasy author Peter Orullian over at

Orullian has a habit of interviewing some great authors, so he makes sure to ask all the good questions. Check it out!

Pick a Page, Any Page!

Well, not any page. Page 69, to be exact.

If you’ve ever opened up a book, read a random page, and then decided whether or not to buy it — you’ll understand the idea behind The Page 69 Test.

Needless to say, the 69th page of The Black Prism offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of the Seven Satrapies. When Gavin — hold on, I’ve already done this over here (or here).

Many thanks to Marshal Zeringue, not least for having an entire blog dedicated to the page 69 test. And, of course, for offering me the chance to post on it.

Moin–or Hola–Europa!

Besides being of at least 1/16th German extraction, I’ve got another reason to love the country – they have lots of fantasy fans! And now I’ve got a killer interview with sci-fi/fantasy German webzine Zauberspiegel. So if you speak German, or even feel vaguely Teutonic during Oktoberfest, come on over here! For those of you non-German speakers, my interviewer, Horst Hermann von Allworden, has graciously provided an English translation here as well!

Oh wait, that’s me talking in English–it just sounds like English run through Google translate and back again. Which reminds me of a classic (possibly apocryphal) example of a phrase run unsuccessfully through the translation grinder:

The vodka is strong, but the meat is rotten!

(The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.)

And on to Spain, land of Cervantes, whom I have it on good authority Random House Mondadori actually rejected. (Okay, I made that up.) Mondadori has just released the 2nd book in the Night Angel Trilogy! (W00t!) To get a copy of Al Filo de Las Sombras in Spain, click here. To just check out my Spanish-as-in-Spain webpage, go here.

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing Podcast Interview

In case you can’t stand the sight of me anymore… The barely toned baritone strikes again. This time without awkward hand gestures!

Shaun Farrell runs a website and podcast called Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing. Shaun wasn’t on my planned itinerary of interviews, but I’m glad we threw something together. I’ve heard other authors praise Shaun’s interviews, and for good reason.

Check out the podcast here.: And while you’re there, you might want to grab some of the others. He’s got quite a Who’s Who of writers on there.


For all of you who’ve been interested in seeing me, but who don’t live in any of the cities I’ll be visiting on my book tour, Orbit had the great idea of sending me on The Great First Annual Video Blog Tour. Sure, sure, other guys have done blog tours before, but TGFAVBT is new, different, amazing, novel! TGFAVBT has video.

That’s right. Some other authors might make you read several thousand words of text interview on your computer screen–and then expect you to read 210,000 more words in their book. Sheesh! They’ll tire your eyes out! Not me. Sit back, blink once in a while, look away from the screen for a bit as an Interesting Person walks past you in the coffee shop, and you can still hear the mellifluous strains of baritonal brilliance. Alternately, mute the sound and watch awkward hand gestures! Try to guess the times at which I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about! Imagine the contortions of the video editor, trying to make me look good!

The choice is yours. Personally, I can’t bear to watch. Too embarrassing. Plus, I was there.

Seriously, thanks to my blog hosts, who asked great questions and let me come stomp around their blogs and track dirt in. And thanks to A. at Orbit, who had the idea. This was just us trying to have some fun and hit a bunch of your questions.

Note: We’ll be releasing a new video interview each Monday of August, check here for new links.

Released 8/2:  John at

Released 8/9: Liviu at

Released 8/16: Janicu at

Released 8/24: The Book Smugglers at

GraphicAudio releases final Night Angel audio

If you enjoy audiobooks or their good-looking sister, the radio stage play, you may want to check out GraphicAudio. They’ve just released the final volume of Beyond the Shadows. I’ve had really good feedback so far, but if you’re on the fence or just curious what the deal is, they have free samples of their production on their website. GraphicAudio has also posted an interview with me, and another interview with the multi-talented director and musician Johann Dettweiler.

Five Interviews

It is currently unknown just how much Weeksian goodness the human body can endure, so in the interests of science, I present to you, not one, not two-point-two-five, but five, entire, uncut interviews with… me.

No no no! Come back!

First, a podcast with the excellent folks at GraphicAudio. This interview is about a half an hour long, and I’d tell you more about it if I could remember it all or bear to listen to the sound of my own voice. There are spoilers up through the end of the first book. GraphicAudio has just released the second part of book 2, Shadow’s Edge, and is selling the cd version at at discount right now. In case you missed the earlier post, they do abridged audiobooks with, in this case, 30 actors, a ton of original soundtrack music, and sound effects. I know these books are a huge technical and artistic challenge for them, and they’ve brought an awesome amount of enthusiasm to the project. Fun, cool people.

Then, a decidedly unprofessional, totally unedited take of me taking about ten fan questions that were submitted to I warn at the beginning about spoilers, but then didn’t get asked any spoilery questions, so it actually is spoiler-free. If you want to get YOUR questions answered, we may well do some future segments, depending on my shame threshold. So go ahead and send away. Heck, we may even figure out proper lighting and video editing.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

A big thanks to Heather and Katie, who compiled the questions, brought the camera, and figured out how to post it. And also endured my mockery.

For the French loving audience out there, three interviews taken while I was at the Paris Salon du Livre in March:

A written interview with Elbakin in French and in English.

A live radio interview with L’Autre Monde (choose Interview on the left menu, then scroll down to Weeks, Brent). Obviously, I speak English, so the interview is in English. A written French version is also available.

And finally, a written French interview with Cedric Gasperini at GamAlive.