2 thoughts on “Pixelated Geek interview at Comic-Con

  1. Matt Hayes says:

    I saw the interview. I hope you do a sequel series to THE NIGHT ANGEL TRILOGY. Didn’t you say something about it being 17 years after the events in Beyond the Shadows? Whoa. Nearly-middle-aged Kylar. He should have an apprentice!

  2. mark anthony devaney says:

    just finished way of shodows extras and all sitting in the middle of vienna woods which is unreal im from ireland,one of the best books i have ever read,the story [with all its twists] plot line superb, well done brent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love the way you talk about your friends and especially the way you refer to your wife obviously true love,congrats. cant wait for the rest david gemell would be humbled.

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