Brent Weeks Chats with Peter Orullian

Ever wish you could spend an evening with your favorite writer down at the local bar, just chatting about life, music, writing? Can you imagine yourself at a tavern, quaffing beers and quizzing Brent? We’ve now got the next best thing, courtesy of up-and-coming fantasy author Peter Orullian over at

Orullian has a habit of interviewing some great authors, so he makes sure to ask all the good questions. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Brent Weeks Chats with Peter Orullian

  1. Fuu says:

    Wow, that was informative! Great insight into your thoughts and views as an individual writer and on the writing population in general!

    I must say, you actually saw a twelve-year-old reading one of your books? I guess it does come down to maturity, but judging on the levels of maturity I see from my sister and her friends (twelve-year-olds) I suppose the fair reaction is to cringe slightly. But then maybe they could get hit by vocab/grammar barriers before they get hit with concepts-and-shenanigans-lil-kids-probably-shouldn’t-be-reading-about….?


  2. Aero Hudson says:

    Great interview! Reading the back and forth interview for someone like me interested in writing was great. I was not only entertained, I also picked up several pointers along the way for my own writing. Thank you both.

    I picked up the Black Prism the other day and plan on starting it after I finish White Night and The Name of the Wind. This interview has also peaked my interest for Peter’s new book which I will check out when it hits.

    Keep the posts coming guys. I love keeping up with your blogs!

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