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Lightbringer Reissue – Cover Reveal!

Orbit Books is putting together a special reissue of the Lightbringer Series in trade paperback. The epic saga we know and love is getting new covers and some exciting new interior features (including some new character icons and the most updated map of the Seven Satrapies from the first edition BURNING WHITE).

These editions are available to pre-order now for delivery to you on September 19, 2023–just a few short weeks away! Click through the images to pre-order links

(Links in the images below are Amazon Affiliate.)

Announcing International Orders!

Now that we’ve had a bit of time to make sure we have our domestic deliveries working properly, we are offering The Black Prism in hardcover (English language, US edition only) for international ordering.

If you want to make sure your book arrives in time for Christmas, please note the below cutoff dates:

November 27 for international delivery / December 10 for U.S. delivery


We can’t guarantee on-time delivery, but we do promise we’ll get them posted in plenty of time on our end. And so lovingly cushioned that we haven’t yet had ANY damaged deliveries on our US orders. I’m also advised that we should tell you your country may have additional taxes or fees on items we ship. I know the postage is pretty extreme for books this heavy, but we’re not padding our numbers. This is the most affordable shipping method available.

One last note:  This is the U.S. edition. We don’t have any copies of the U.K. edition available for sale.
While very similar–all the words inside are the same!–here’s how they differ:

US and UK