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Fan Art Tuesday: An Animated Burning White Cover

Happy Tuesday everyone!

We’ve been holding on to this bit of fan art for a while, so we could really highlight it’s awesomitude ( or fantabulousness, if you prefer). Author Ben Galley animated the cover of THE BURNING WHITE (it’s a 10-second video, so you’ll need to press play):

Galley sent us a GIF as well, but note that it’s lower res and doesn’t look quite as cool:

Thanks for bringing this beautiful color to life, Ben!

You can check out his other work (including his fantasy series!) on Facebook and Twitter.

International Cover Art: China

Take a look at these stunning cover images for THE BROKEN EYE and THE BLOOD MIRROR!



That’s… Well, that’s all we have to say for now.

Look, y’all, Christmas is one week from today. Brent is holed up in his office with a cache of eggnog and gingerbread and refuses to leave until he’s done writing. All I’m saying is there had better be a BIG FREAKIN’ PRESENT for me under the tree this year.

Perfect Shadow Cover Art Revealed!

I’m pleased to be able to announce that Raymond Swanland has turned in the final art for the cover and interior illustrations for the Subterranean Press limited editions of Perfect Shadow. Mr. Swanland has a storied career as an artist with the Oddworld video game series, a fantasy artist, comic book illustrator, and has even created work for the Magic: The Gathering card game. You can see more of his work here.

If you haven’t yet bought the limited edition, go here to order your copy now. (Please note that the lettered edition is sold out, but the limited edition is still available as of this posting.)

And a hat tip to Michael at Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf & Book Review for breaking the story!


French Cover Released for The Black Prism/Le Prisme Noir

Dear French fans,

You didn’t think I’d forget about you, did you? As you know, the French covers for my books have always been among my favorite. As you can see below, Bragelonne continues their winning streak with this:

 Miguel Coimbra is the talented artist, and you can see more of his work here.

 Le Prisme Noir will be released in October, and I have been working even this week on the last, final points of the translation with the talented team at Bragelonne. You can pre-order here.

Schwarzes Prisma/Black Prism Release in Germany!

Dear German fans,

This week will see the release of Schwarzes Prisma. You can order on And here’s the blurb:

Sein Leben ist eine Lüge, seine Macht nur geraubt …

Gavin Guile ist der hoch geehrte Lord Prisma. Allein seine magischen Fähigkeiten, seine Intelligenz und seine Überzeugungskraft bewahren den unsicheren Frieden im Reich. Doch Gavin bleiben nur noch fünf Jahre zu leben. Fünf Jahre, um fünf unmögliche Ziele zu erreichen. Da erfährt er, dass er einen Sohn hat, und von der Gefahr für dessen Leben. Doch um den unschuldigen Jungen zu retten, muss Gavin sein dunkelstes Geheimnis offenbaren – und damit das Reich zerreißen. Denn sein Leben fußt auf einer Lüge, und seine Macht ist lediglich geraubt. Kann er diesen Preis bezahlen, um sein einziges Kind zu retten?

Or at least I think that’s the blurb. Since I don’t speak German I can’t be sure…

I hope you love it!

GraphicAudio version of Perfect Shadow coming

Those of you who know and love GraphicAudio’s work on The Night Angel Trilogy and The Black Prism, rejoice:  they’re also producing Perfect Shadow. And here’s the cover art by Jahbulani Ori, who goes by Jahbu:

(Click to embiggen and see without text.) It will be released on June 3rd. And I’m super happy to announce that this will be available to our international brethren as well and on the very same day–so those of you in the UK and Australia should be able to get this very easily, and for no more than Americans pay. (Circus barker’s voice: It’s yours for a low, low price of only a mere, bare, bargain-basement price of $3.99!)

You can go here to listen to samples of GraphicAudio’s work, if you haven’t had a chance to listen before. Americans on June 3rd, you can go HERE to download Perfect Shadow, and international audiences, you can go HERE. (See, I told you guys I was working on getting this out in as many formats and as quickly and cheaply as possible! It’s just that I usually can’t say until the deals are done and the cover art is finished.)

Black Light, Schwarzes Licht

The Black Prism is coming to Germany! With a brand-new name (Schwarzes Licht) and a brand-new cover (more in line with The Night Angel Trilogy), you can get it online or in bookstores in October 2011!

Take a sneak peek at the cover and pre-order here. For another look at Schwarzes Licht, complete with picture of smiling Brent, in Blanvalet’s online catalogue, click here (I’d recommend using the find function using “Brent” rather than scrolling to page 159!) Kind of nice to be described as “der Shootingstar der Fantasy!”

And in other Teutonic news, the third book of the Night Angel Trilogy, Beyond the Shadows (Jenseits der Schatten in Germany!) spent a week on the extended bestseller list at #47! Thanks to all the fans and Blanvalet Verlag who made it, and the rest of the Trilogy, such a success!

And without further ado:

(You didn’t think I’d be able to help myself, did you?)