GraphicAudio version of Perfect Shadow coming

Those of you who know and love GraphicAudio’s work on The Night Angel Trilogy and The Black Prism, rejoice:  they’re also producing Perfect Shadow. And here’s the cover art by Jahbulani Ori, who goes by Jahbu:

(Click to embiggen and see without text.) It will be released on June 3rd. And I’m super happy to announce that this will be available to our international brethren as well and on the very same day–so those of you in the UK and Australia should be able to get this very easily, and for no more than Americans pay. (Circus barker’s voice: It’s yours for a low, low price of only a mere, bare, bargain-basement price of $3.99!)

You can go here to listen to samples of GraphicAudio’s work, if you haven’t had a chance to listen before. Americans on June 3rd, you can go HERE to download Perfect Shadow, and international audiences, you can go HERE. (See, I told you guys I was working on getting this out in as many formats and as quickly and cheaply as possible! It’s just that I usually can’t say until the deals are done and the cover art is finished.)

13 thoughts on “GraphicAudio version of Perfect Shadow coming

  1. robert says:

    SIck! any word about when the book will be released?

  2. 4D says:

    The book will be released June 1st at least I’m pretty sure that’s what he posted a few posts back. Don’t quote me…

  3. brent says:

    The physical versions by Subterranean Press are scheduled to ship in the autumn. They’re pushing hard and now say they should ship in ‘late summer’. I don’t know anything more exact than that.

    1. Fuu says:

      As in Augustish (I’m from the southern half of the globe)? That blows D: can’t know story till then D: will only listen to audio after my own brain figures out its own interpretations of characters etc in the book, any book.

      1. Tim says:

        Augustish, huh? I was wondering when autumn was over there…

        Also, good to see that you don’t call autumn “fall.” That one’s always annoyed me more than it should.

        That’s AGES away…

        But, on the other hand, that means it will be after exams =P
        And I wasn’t expecting to be getting this novella at all a couple months ago anyway.

        1. Tim says:

          Double-post due to lack of edit! (yes, I’m still going on about that)

          Another thing to add to the “On the other hand” notes: If I somehow knew it would arrive tomorrow, I’d still be thinking “That’s AGES away” and be completely unable to sleep due to excitement. I’m a little over-excited about this story, in case anyone hasn’t noticed.

    2. Mark says:


      When will the other Graphic Audio stuff be available internationally?

      I’ve purchased your books which have been freely available in my own country for yonks, and I’d love to obtain the graphic audio versions!

  4. Adam says:

    what is this book even about? i know its conected to the night angle triolgy. even for that matter what is black prisum about?

    1. Tim says:

      Link to the post:
      It’s still on the front page of the site. Please, do a little bit of basic research before asking. It’s not that hard.

      On Black Prism, either google it, find a copy in a bookstore and read it’s blurb, look at a listing on any online bookseller’s site, or click on the “more” link in the ad for the Black Prism at the top-right corner of every single page on this site. That has a link to the first 3 chapters, which you can read for free as a preview.

  5. Daniel says:

    But when are we getting the next Lightbringer book? :(((((((

  6. kevin says:

    can’t wat for this:) will the same actor be voicing durzo?

  7. Blase says:

    Listened to the book this afternoon. It was absolutely awesome, it just ended too soon. We need more.

  8. Ceillean says:

    Finally an international site! I’m a happy fangirl now.

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