Dec 29: THE BLACK PRISM is a Kindle Daily Deal

Attention, friends in the US: Amazon is offering THE BLACK PRISM as a Kindle Daily Deal for $2.99. A steal at twice the price! (This is also Brent’s affiliate link.)

This smokin’ hot deal won’t last long–open up that Amazon app and buy a copy–your brain will thank you.

Reasons to buy a(nother) copy of Lightbringer #1 for Kindle:

  1. You want to protect your signed hardback copy, newly purchased or gifted to you from Brent’s webstore
  2. Oops! You forgot to get a Christmas gift for your parent/sibling/cousin/aunt/uncle/ roommate/mail carrier/partner/spouse/coworker/neighbor/Dungeon Master
  3. Your friend/parent/coworker/cousin/roommate/sibling borrowed your copy months ago and refuses to return it
  4. It’s your bookworm friend’s/parent’s/coworker’s/cousin’s/ neighbor’s/spouse’s/roommate’s/sibling’s/partner’s birthday
  5. Someone you care about/random stranger asked for a book recommendation
  6. You’ve read Night Angel 500 times and need a new series to get into
  7. You want to read along while you listen to Simon Vance’s dulcet, Audie-winning voice narrating the audiobook

You’re welcome!

Fan Art Tuesday: Art of Cai

Happy Holidays everybody!

Today I have some spectacular Night Angel fan art to share with you from Cai–a dragon dancer in Sydney, Australia. Without further ado:

I mean, what else can I say? These are so gorgeous! We featured some of Cai’s cityscapes of Cenaria a while back, but earlier this year they unveiled these character illustrations that they’d done–and I couldn’t resist sharing them here.

If you want to check out more of Cai’s work, you can find them:

On Twitter

On Instagram

On Patreon

Real Life Promo Roundup

Let’s start with the fun part: A Real Life Fantasy Condor.

The photo is from an article in New Scientist magazine. Stealth glider made out of special polymer self-destructs in sunlight. I’ve never considered whether luxin was a polymer before now. A 30-second Google search confirms in my mind that it couldn’t be anything but.

“Then the luxin hardened in its shape, which was as much like a condor™s wings as Gavin had been able to manage. The wings caught the air, and Karris and Gavin shot into the sky.

The first time Gavin had attempted it, he™d tried to hold one wing in each hand. He™d learned then why birds have hollow bones and weigh almost nothing. The lift had nearly torn his arms off. He™d gone home wet, bruised, and angry, with most of the muscles in his arms and chest torn. By making the condor all one piece instead, he™d taken away the need for muscle at all. The whole thing flew on the strength and flexibility of the luxin, speed, and wind.

Of course, it didn™t really fly. It glided. He™d tried to use the reeds, but it hadn™t worked so far. For the time being, the condor had a limited range.

Karris wasn™t complaining. She was wide-eyed. “Gavin! Orholam, Gavin, we™re flying!” She laughed, carefree.”

The Black Prism p.70, Brent Weeks, 2010


Next order of business:

The Brent Weeks Shopify Store is (Still) Open! Buy an exclusive t-shirt or signed copy of THE BLACK PRISM from the man himself.


Fans in the UK can buy the WAY OF SHADOWS ebook for 99p. This deal doesn’t last forever, so snag it while you can!


And last but certainly not least, Brent will stream his November Q&R video live next Tuesday, 17 November, at 2pm PST. Make sure to register for the event on Crowdcast!

Deals on Weeks Titles: Amazon UK

We know that sometimes our friends outside the US get sad when they see us promoting a deal and then realize that it’s only for people in the US.

Well today we’re sharing a couple of sweet deals from Amazon UK!

AUDIBLE UK members can, for a limited time, get a 2 for 1 deal when they buy THE BURNING WHITE audiobook.

Additionally, WAY OF SHADOWS is being offered as a Kindle UK Monthly Deal–which means the ebook will be available for a mere 99p through the end of November.

Real Life Fantasy: Sub-red Vision

This edition of Real Life Fantasy is a rare reversal: real life scientists catching up to Brent’s Seven Satrapies (rather than finding evidence of chromaturgy IRL).

Those of you who have read The Black Prism are familiar with Sub-red vision, which is akin to being able to see heat.

“Gavin ignored him. “The special cases that I started all this to tell you about are sub-red and superviolet. If you can see heat, Kip, there™s a good chance you can draft it.”

“You mean I can start a fire like whoosh?!” Kip made a grand sweeping gesture.

“Only if you say ‘whoosh!™ when you do it.” Gavin laughed.”

The Black Prism, p. 146

Well, it turns out scientists are working to give humans the ability to “see heat” with the naked eye.

Nanoparticles Could Grant Humans Permanent Night Vision

The linked article from UPI explains work done by researchers at U Mass Medical School in which they have successfully given mice near-infrared vision. The research team injected nanoparticles made from rare-earth metals behind the retinas of mice. Those mice had been trained to swim toward visibly-lit triangles; once they received the nanoparticle injections, they started swimming toward triangles lit by only near-infrared light.

In case you’re wondering–I certainly was–our eyes see light wavelengths of 400-700 nanometers. Near-infrared is defined as light wavelengths between 750 nanometers and 1.4 micrometers.

Here’s a video shared in the UPI article that features lead researcher on the project, Dr. Gang Han, talking about the technology he and his team developed.

Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you next time.

Another Awesome Turtle-Bear Tattoo, and Some News

This week’s fan art features a turtle-bear designed by Ben Fairfield, who has it tattooed on his chest:

This awesome tattoo was done by Taylor Peck-Mode at Wicked Good Ink in Portland, Maine. Not much more to say about this one, except thanks for sharing it with us!



Now for the Weekstopia news:

Brent will return to his monthly Q&R series on FB Live next Thursday, 15 October. Time is TBD–we’ll of course share more details as they become available.

Also, we are opening the Shopify store a bit early this year. We will have Weeks wares available starting October 15 until mid-November. Keep an eye on social media and/or Brent’s newsletter in the coming days for more details regarding what will be available to buy there.

Everyone be well and wear your masks!