April 18 – 23: THE WAY OF SHADOWS is a Kindle Weekly Deal

Friends in the US: Amazon is offering THE WAY OF SHADOWS as a Kindle Weekly Deal for $2.99. A steal at twice the price! (This is also Brent’s affiliate link.)

This smokin’ hot deal won’t last long–head over to Amazon and buy a copy! Your brain will thank you.

The Way of Shadows cover

Reasons to buy a(nother) copy of Night Angel #1 for Kindle:

  1. You want to protect your [signed] IRL copy
  2. Your friend/parent/coworker/cousin/roommate/sibling/office buddy borrowed it months ago and refuses to return it
  3. It’s your bookworm friend’s/parent’s/coworker’s/cousin’s/ roommate’s/sibling’s/spouse’s/neighbor’s/partner’s birthday
  4. Someone you care about/random stranger asked for a book recommendation
  5. You’ve read Lightbringer 500 times and need a new series to get into
  6. You want to read along while you listen to the audiobook
  7. You want to refresh your memory of NAT because [REDACTED]

You’re welcome!