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Fan Art Submission #1


Here’s our first submission, a great piece by fan artist Dan H.:

Night Angel

I think he looks ready to deliver justice in some dark corner of Cenaria. My favorite part? The half-smirk.

The Blinding Knife: Endeavor Award Finalist!

I’m very happy to announce that, once again, one of my books has been nominated for The Endeavor Award.


Endeavor Finalist

Four other novels have been nominated, and the winner will be announce on November 8, 2013 at OryCon 35. Each nominated book is by a writer from the Pacific Northwest, and the other finalists include After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall by Nancy Kress,  Amped by Daniel H. WilsonCostume Not Included by Matthew Hughes, and Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel.



Fan Art and Tattoos: Last Call!


We’ve gotten some great entries for the fan art contest. Since we didn’t remind you about the deadline yesterday, we’re extending the deadline until tomorrow, July 10 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. Don’t forget to email CAPSLOCK @ (no spaces). We’ll be sharing the fan art and tattoos over the next month, and one lucky fan will get a free signed copy of The Black Prism trade paperback and we’ll also give away some other goodies.

Submit your fan art for prizes!


Don’t forget to submit your fan art before 5pm Pacific Standard Time by Monday, July 8th!

We’re looking for fan art or tattoos which we can share on the website over the coming month. One fan artist at random will receive a free signed copy of the new Black Prism trade paperback AND we have some other assorted goodies we’ll be giving away.

Email your entry to CAPSLOCK at (no spaces).

David Gemmell Legend Award 2013

The David Gemmell Legend Awards are something akin to the People’s Choice Awards of Fantasy. It’s an award selected by YOU–in a pure, straight up vote. Like democracy itself, there are reasons not to like that, and reasons to like it a lot. I think it fills a previously empty niche in the awards pantheon, and gives fans a chance to have their voices heard directly. I have twice been eligible for the DGLA (all the Night Angel books came out in one year), have twice made the short list, and have twice been given the mini-Snaga of Not Quite. Don’t get me wrong: I love my mini-Snagas. LOVE. How much do I love my mini-Snagas?

Crime in Oregon

But, MAN, I would love to win the Big Boy Hisself:


Every time this award comes around, I regret anew that David Gemmell passed away before I could make his acquaintance. His novels are the slender tomes of his era, but they’re full of fast action and deep, conflicted, wounded characters–who are also badasses. I like to think that in The Blinding Knife I’ve written a novel worthy of David Gemmell’s legacy.

The voting goes in two rounds: the longlist, and then the finalists move on to the shortlist.

The Longlist Voting is open now and will close July 31st. Go check it out, vote for your favorite (me, me, me!), and add some great books to your To Be Read pile.

Fan Art (or Tattoos!) Round-up

Do you have some Lightbringer or Night Angel fan art  or tattoos you’d like to share? Have you been hoping to show off your drawings of Teia? The Color Prince? Or are you eager to show off your ka’kari tattoo/real ka’kari*?

If so, we’ll be doing a fan art and tattoo roundup on the website. We have  a few entries already and would love some more!

Send your original artwork to CAPSLOCK @ (no spaces) by Monday, July 8th at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. We’ll be sharing the fan art over the next month (thanks to Peter V. Brett for the great idea).

In addition, one fan artist at random will receive a free signed copy of the new Black Prism trade paperback, due out July 23rd, and we’ll also be giving away whatever assorted goodies we can come up with.

*If you have a real ka’kari, I’m still in the market for silver, brown, blue, and green.

The Blinding Knife FTW!

BookSpot Central Logo

Thanks to all the dedicated fans who voted via Twitter, Facebook and comments on BookSpot Central, The Blinding Knife beat King of Thorns in a crushing victory. It wasn’t even close. I dominated: 50.7% to 49.3%. Okay, maybe I was nervous for a second or two.

And because CAPSLOCK likes it when I quote myself:

Final Round: The Blinding Knife versus King of Thorns


First, there were 64. Now, battered and bleeding, lacerated by readers’ votes and critics’ comments, only two remain. But…

It’s the battle of sharp pointy things! 

No, but seriously. After losing The David Gemmell Award (twice), after losing to Victor Gischler in 2009 for this SAME AWARD, and after losing the Suvudu Cage Match last year, I think it’s my time. Look, people, I even put off my book a year so that next year you won’t have to compete with me! What more can I do?

No, but seriously, seriously, this BookSpot Central March Madness contest is just a lot of fun. It’s purely for bragging rights and to discover other books that lots of readers love. The opportunity to spank a fellow author is just icing on the cake. Don’t let me be spanked! I’m not into that. Go HERE to vote.