David Gemmell Legend Award 2013

The David Gemmell Legend Awards are something akin to the People’s Choice Awards of Fantasy. It’s an award selected by YOU–in a pure, straight up vote. Like democracy itself, there are reasons not to like that, and reasons to like it a lot. I think it fills a previously empty niche in the awards pantheon, and gives fans a chance to have their voices heard directly. I have twice been eligible for the DGLA (all the Night Angel books came out in one year), have twice made the short list, and have twice been given the mini-Snaga of Not Quite. Don’t get me wrong: I love my mini-Snagas. LOVE. How much do I love my mini-Snagas?

Crime in Oregon

But, MAN, I would love to win the Big Boy Hisself:


Every time this award comes around, I regret anew that David Gemmell passed away before I could make his acquaintance. His novels are the slender tomes of his era, but they’re full of fast action and deep, conflicted, wounded characters–who are also badasses. I like to think that in The Blinding Knife I’ve written a novel worthy of David Gemmell’s legacy.

The voting goes in two rounds: the longlist, and then the finalists move on to the shortlist.

The Longlist Voting is open now and will close July 31st. Go check it out, vote for your favorite (me, me, me!), and add some great books to your To Be Read pile.

7 thoughts on “David Gemmell Legend Award 2013

  1. Christopher Newman says:

    Voted for you, if you win will book 3 be out any quicker!? 😉

    1. brent says:

      Yes. Absolutely. I swear! Really. Honest. No crossing of digits. Much, much quicker. For sure. For real. For true. Yo.

  2. Spencer Pranger says:

    Done! I voted for you.

  3. Adam Lane says:

    Hey America you spelled axe wrong

    1. brent says:

      All the more reason to get one to examine up close–so as to learn proper lexicographical typography, natch. 😉

  4. Jim O'Moore says:

    Voted for you.

    I am still an enormous Gemmell fan, regularly re-reading his books throughout the year while I wait for your next one (hint hint). You’re the only author I have read since David’s passing that has come close to filling his shoes. Don’t get too big-headed though; I haven’t read that much fantasy since he died 😉

  5. Nathan W says:

    Done. Good luck with it dude .. that axe is sweet.

    I want one … better learn how to write and get started 😉

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