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Worldbuilders Lottery & Auction

Every year, Pat Rothfuss hosts Worldbuilders, which raises money for Heifer International via auctions and a lottery.

How does the lottery work? Pat says, “For each $10 donation you give through our Team Heifer page, your name gets entered into the lottery. Donate $50, you have 5 chances of winning. Donate $1,000 and your name is in the hat 100 times. We have had folks who donated $20 walk away with highly sought-after, signed, limited edition books.”

This year, the lottery includes a chance to win set of signed The Lightbringer Series books in trade paperback — or perhaps some other very cool signed SFF donations. (Check out some of the amazing loot you could win, HERE.)


If you’d like to bid on the auction items, go HERE.


Epic Fantasy Author Dinner Auction

UPDATE: The bidding is over. We’ve raised $3,050 for Worldbuilders! Thanks to all who participated.

How would you like to have dinner — in Seattle — with these epic fantasy authors?

Followed by a tour of the Fantasy exhibit at the EMP museum?

Concluded by a care package of a signed book from each author?

You could enjoy just such an evening if you win THIS Worldbuilders Charity Auction.

If you haven’t heard of Worldbuilders, it’s a charitable organization founded by Pat Rothfuss (and supported by the fantasy community in general) to help fund Heifer International.

Check out the auction page HERE for more details! The bidding ends on February 2, 2014.

Author D&D Video Now Available!

You can now watch the epic author D&D game from Epic ConFusion earlier this year! Authors who participated (in clockwise order) include Jim C. Hines, Joe Abercrombie, Peter V. Brett, Saladin Ahmed, Elizabeth Bear, and Myke Cole (in the mirror). Scott Lynch, Jay Lake and Pat Rothfuss and I were all wearing invisibility cloaks at the time of the first Youtube shot.

I’d also like to note that this was my very first D&D game. In the past, my friends were all so cool that they lost interest by the time we’d rolled characters.

(Erin McConnell and Peter V. Brett’s assistant Meg did an outstanding job preparing the video for public consumption and for editing three hours down to 30 minutes!)

Check it out: