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Most of Those Color Quizzes are Total Crap

Because the magic system of my Lightbringer Series is intensely concerned with color and perception, and because I treat these in a mostly scientific fashion, I tend to get a lot of emails from readers pointing out the latest BuzzFeed or whatever quiz. “This woman can see millions more colors than the average person! Can you?” Or, “Are you a tetrachromat? Take this test and see!”

This link explains why most of those are complete garbage. And my thanks to Unreasonably Dangerous Onion Rings for taking the time to debunk this so that I could spend my time writing novels.

The TL;DR: It is physically impossible for these tests to tell if you a functional 4th cone because computer monitors make their colors by mixing only 3 colors, RGB.

This is not to say that all the information or all the quizzes on the internet are worthless. Ones like this are very interesting, but still limited by the quality of your computer monitor, and how well you’ve calibrated it. So comparing your score to someone else’s is almost meaningless, unless you were both using the same computer. (Naturally, I got a perfect score.)

Or things like this are really closer to astrology, but are fun nonetheless: and the Lüscher Color Test: is significantly more scientific from what I can tell, and is used as psychological diagnostic tool. But either to protect their intellectual property, or because of the flaws of RGB screens, it is only available in physical form. I’ve taken the test. Very interesting.

Sidenote for my own readers: in my world, I have 50% of women be tetrachromats. In the real world, it’s possible that 12% of women are tetrachromats. And most of those non-functionally tetrachromatic, because they’re never taught how to even distinguish those extra colors. I use this 1) there would be a competitive advantage for such women in a world with the kind of magic mine has and 2) because it makes for better fiction. It is genetically possible, though incredibly rare, for tetrachromacy to occur in men. It would, however, usually come with other unpleasant disabilities which I chose to elide. This series is reality-heavy as it is.

P.S. It’s totally fine to tag me when you find cool color stuff online. I most likely have already seen it, but it may be a new discovery, I certainly don’t mind when people tag me on things I’ve seen a dozen times, so don’t worry about it!

The Black Prism in China

UPDATE: We think we have identified the artist. Check out Jian Guo’s other amazing work HERE, including some amazing tributes to Tolkien and covers for other fantasy authors such as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Gene Wolfe. (Thanks to Miro below, who gave us the tip!)

Exciting news! The Black Prism publishes next month in China, thanks to the work of Chongqing Books. Look at this awesome cover:


Tlack prism China

I have the enormous privilege to see a lot of cool takes on cover art that are each influenced by their country, culture, and audience’s expectations of what a fantasy cover should look like, but few have been as striking as this. I love how it unfolds the longer you look at it. It’s a little bit Link from Legend of Zelda, a little Lord of the Rings, and a little bit the stained glass sequence from Beauty and the Beast.

I love it. (If anyone can tell me the artist’s name, I’d be more than happy to link to him or her!)


Reviews of El Ojo Fragmentado

WEEKS_OJO-fragmentado El Ojo Fragmentado is already receiving some great reviews! Via News and Fantífica have both published their perspectives on the third Lightbringer book.

I enjoyed this quote from Via News in particular: “He disfrutado enormemente leyendo El Ojo Fragmentado, y es que a pesar de que no veamos ninguna de las muchas batallas que se referencian en el libro no es menos cierto que el lector no encontrará un momento de respiro mientras la acción salta de un personaje a otro creando pequeños cliffhangers que harán que os comáis las uñas… y que os hará llegar al hueso hasta la publicación de The Blood Mirror, un año de espera… qué duro.”

(If, like me, you only speak English, you can look at the Google Translate version HERE.)