Mostly Complete List of Nine Kings Cards

WARNING: SPOILERS for those of you who haven’t read the first four Lightbringer books.

Card NameBookPage No.
Aheyyad BrightwaterBlinding Knife; Broken Eye304; 533
Amun-TepThe Broken Eye248
Andross the RedBlinding Knife304
Black LuxinBlinding Knife304
Butcher of Aghbalu
Cloak of DarknessBlinding Knife220
Commander IronfistBlinding Knife206
CondorBlinding Knife304
Dee Dee Falling Leaf
Dome of AraclesBlinding Knife220
Eye of HeavenBlinding Knife220
Fallen ProphetThe Broken Eye533
FlamehandsBlinding Knife304
FlashbombBlinding Knife304
Flawless MirrorThe Broken Eye248
Gan GuvairBlinding Knife304
Grath HrozakThe Broken Eye248
Green WardenBlinding Knife220
GunnerBroken Eye533
Halo BreakerBlinding Knife; Broken Eye304; 533
Heaven’s Finger
Heavy GalleonThe Broken Eye248
Helane TroasBlinding Knife304
Hellstone DaggerBlinding Knife304
HeresyThe Broken Eye533
IncarnadineBlinding Knife302
Incendiary MusketBlinding Knife304
Iron ElmBlinding Knife304
Kors AngierBlinding Knife304
Mirror ArmorBlinding Knife304
MirrormanBlinding Knife304
Multicolored SpectaclesBlinding Knife304
New Green WightThe Broken Eye533
Orlov KunarThe Broken Eye533
PanicBlinding Knife268
Pleiad PorosBlinding Knife304
Red WightBlinding Knife464
Samila SayehBlinding Knife; Broken Eye304; 533
Sea DemonThe Broken Eye248
ShimmercloakBroken Eye436
SkimmerBlinding Knife304
StalkerBlinding Knife220
SuperchromatBlinding Knife268
TalaBlinding Knife304
The Angari SerpentBlinding Knife304
The Black SeerBlinding Knife304
The Butcher of AghbaluThe Broken Eye533
The Butcher of RuBlinding Knife304
The Color PrinceBlinding Knife304
The Color Prince’s RifleBlinding Knife304
The Fallen ProphetBlinding Knife304
The FixerBlinding Knife304
The LightbringerThe Broken Eye533
The MasterBlinding Knife211
The NovistBlinding Knife; Broken Eye304; 533
The ShadowBlinding Knife304
The TechnologistBlinding Knife304
The Turtle BearThe Broken Eye533
The Unbreakable
The White King
Usem the WildThe Broken Eye533
Viv GrayskinBlinding Knife304
Viv GrayskinThe Broken Eye533
Vox Shimmercloak
Yellow swordBlinding Knife268
Yras the CasterBlinding Knife304
Zee OakenshieldBlinding Knife208
Zymun the DancerBlinding Knife304