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Fan Art Tuesday: Brandon Sheppard

A while ago I found this stellar image of Kylar becoming the Night Angel over on DeviantArt:

Kylar Stern becoming the Night Angel from the series by Brent Weeks.

The artist, o85cur3d on DeviantArt, created this gem years ago. I’ve only just recently stumbled onto it…. Which means I can’t find the guy! If anyone knows Brandon, tell him how much we enjoy his work.

Fan Art Tuesday: @offbeatworlds

See more of the artist’s work on her Instagram and her website!

Fan Art Tuesday: Vynthallas

Fan artist Vynthallas has put together some really fun illustrations of Night Angel characters, including this one of Kylar Stern with the black ka’kari:

Kylar Stern and the Black Kakari

Go HERE to see more Night Angel illustrations!

Update: This fan art is a composition of various other pieces. Vynthallas explicitly credits it on his DeviantArt page: “Body (Witcher), Face (Final Fantasy), some little various parts from Assassin’s Creed, and the Ka’kari I took off the official Homepage from Brent Weeks (Artist: “Ninjaman Todd“)” — We apologize for not including the list here as well. (Thank you to Patrick, in the comments, for the links!)