Fan Art Tuesday: Vynthallas

Fan artist Vynthallas has put together some really fun illustrations of Night Angel characters, including this one of Kylar Stern with the black ka’kari:

Kylar Stern and the Black Kakari

Go HERE to see more Night Angel illustrations!

Update: This fan art is a composition of various other pieces. Vynthallas explicitly credits it on his DeviantArt page: “Body (Witcher), Face (Final Fantasy), some little various parts from Assassin’s Creed, and the Ka’kari I took off the official Homepage from Brent Weeks (Artist: “Ninjaman Todd“)” — We apologize for not including the list here as well. (Thank you to Patrick, in the comments, for the links!)

12 thoughts on “Fan Art Tuesday: Vynthallas

  1. Slick says:

    WOW!! Like this one!!! Just hot i imagined him!!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    On the artist’s DeviantArt page, he has this same picture, but with half of Kylar’s body under the Mask of Retribution.

  3. Tom Binney says:

    Will look for more in one of Brents new books. Coming soon (RIGHT???)

  4. Fest says:

    Oh my god this is AWESOME! That’s just the way I have always imagined him, even though I pictured the kakari smaller.

    Really amazing work.

  5. Patrick says:

    The guy blatantly copied from various artwork.
    He just copied and pasted the art.

    The character’s head is a copy from Final Fantasy 14.

    The Outfit is a direct copy from The Witcher 2.
    All the guy did was mirror the image and darken it.

    Please don’t promote people like this who steal artwork from others.

    1. Vynthallas says:

      Sorry Patrick,

      but “steal” is a little unfair, isn’t it?

      I always mention under every picture, from what artworks i take the parts i use in the Collage.

      I this case:
      “Including Stuff: Body (Witcher), Face (Final Fantasy), some little various parts from Assassions Creed, and the Ka’kari i took off the official Homepage from Brent Weeks (Artist: “Ninjaman Todd”)

      And i always ask other artists, if i can use their work.

      Maybe you’re a little more careful in future, before you call somebody a thief, mhh?

      1. T3hP33nC4NN0N says:

        Not to stir up trouble or call anyone out on anything, but you stated that you obtained permission from owners of the artwork you take? If you are stating the truth, then you obtained permission from the developers of Witcher, and Final Fantasy 14? The Final Fantasy company, Square-Enix, is crazy protective of their products. They don’t mind sharing their art, but NOT in an edited fashion. I know this because I got slammed with an order to remove an edited photo of theirs when I used an outfit from one of their concept arts. I gave full credit and cited where I obtained parts of the artwork and was informed that recreating iconic Final Fantasy characters, scenery, lore, and/or items is fine, but direct copies of all or part of their art is prohibited.
        Just wanted to toss that out there, and when I requested permission at a later date, it took 2 months to get a reply and it was an firm “No!”

        1. brent says:

          Look. First, this isn’t MY artwork, naturally. If those guys shoot me a letter, I’ll take the stuff down. I’m all about giving credit where credit is due. Second, though any takedown notice is a threat to sue, I’m not sure they’d win such a suit. There’s a provision called “Fair Use” in the law that protects certain uses of copyrighted or trademarked material. The lines get blurry with art really fast. You can’t trademark a G-C-D chord progression in music. Vanilla Ice initially argued the addition of a single rest made his signature hit’s baseline NOT a copy of Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. Rappers had big fights about ‘sampling’. Fifty Shades of Gray, though admittedly fan-fic of Twilight did NOT have to pay Stephenie Meyer royalties, though. So… it’s blurry.
          On the other hand, a company is legally obligated to show that it has tried to protect its trademarks. So if you ASK them if you can use anything, they say No. Because No is safe. Even if they don’t care, they still say no, because they don’t want someone else who DOES infringe in a way they care about to be able to point to the yes they said over here and say, “Clearly this company doesn’t care about their trademark.” I have to deal with this too. But GENERALLY, if you’re not trying to make money off it, and you’re not trying to pass it off as your own work–and you don’t ask permission that might open a door to pains in the butt–this kind of thing is fine. Squeenix’s lawyers may well have a different response. But they bill by the 10 minute increment, so…

  6. Epopisces says:

    I like this art (and the others in the artist’s portfolio). Just did a double-take when I saw the face, because it felt like I had seen it before!

    It’s a nostalgic face for me at this point 🙂

    1. Epopisces says:

      Oh, it is the same face–he photoshopped it, reversing it on the y-axis and doing coloration (idenitcal hair and everything). Ummmmmm . . .does he credit Final Fantasy XI for this anywhere? Otherwise that’s a no-no. . .

      1. Epopisces says:

        (he did mention it in his original piece, so it is 100% legit–and a good composition besides!)

        1. Vynthallas says:

          nearly identical, sure 😉

          nose is alitte longer, eyebrows are closer to the eyes, the jaw is more narrow, just little things.

          Photoshop is such a nice editor for roleplay charakter-creation 😉

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