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Speaking of Oz…

So I hear I’ve made a small splash in Australia. (Thanks, Joshua.) As a matter of fact, this past week, noted that The Way of Shadows was Number Two on the Dymocks Bestselling Science Fiction and Fantasy List–more than two years after publication. (Thanks for the incredulous interrobang, dude.)

For all you non-philologists, that’s this dealie: “?!” as in “Brent Weeks is at Number Two? What the Hell?!”

Due to my relentless good fortune, I’ve had quite a number of Australian fans ask me to come to Australia. This week I broke down and virtually said yes. That isn’t that I almost said yes, it’s that I said yes… to a Skype interview. I’ll be speaking in March to Dragons in the Metcalfe, a gathering of bibliovorous librarians. Because really, who can say no to 140 librarians?

As I learned by watching Inception this week, the LAX to Sydney flight is one of the longest non-stop flights in the world.

I looked into flights–cuz hey, librarians!–but something makes me nervous about that Oceanic Flight 815.

*Yeah, I know 815 was the Sydney TO LA leg, so technically, it would be like flight 816. Work with me, people.

*EDIT/CORRECTION* I’m not actually coming to Australia this time, though I hope to within the next couple of years! And so far as I know, the Skype interview will only be visible to those who are attending that convention. So… not terribly helpful if you were hoping I’d visit YOU, but hey, baby steps.

This Looks Perilously Close to Hawking my Wares

And I’m not a big ware-hawker… (Hmm, a were-hawk, there’s a story in that somewhere).


So, you’re looking for a signed book. Some authors are crazy enough that they grow big beards and say, Send All Your Books To My House (With Something Interesting) And I Will Sign It. Problem is, I’m not that guy. I have only a small goatee, and a penchant for losing even my own things.

Ergo, come to a book signing.

“Ah, Brent,” you say, “but I live in a foetid corner of Tasmania, and though I voted as per your instructions, you are not coming to an urban center near me. More’s the pity. Do you hate Australians?”

No, in fact, I like Australians so much, I don’t even attempt to do the accent–unlike many Americans, who are totally unable to restrain themselves from that whole “shrimp on the barbie” line. (I’m strong. I also don’t attempt the Sean Connery accent. Though that one’s a near thing.)

But, granted, there are a few thousand corners of the globe to which I have not trotted, or at least not while anyone knew that my scribble on a piece of paper might have some sentimental value to someone on the Australian version of Ebay. (Do you have Ebay Down Under? I heard in Russia it’s Mobile Money or something…)

To the matter at hand: You want a book with a Brent Weeks scrawl in it. I want you to be a happy fan. Here’s where The Signed Page steps in.

Basically, you buy the book through The Signed Page at a reasonable mark-up; I sign it (for free, I don’t make any money off this), and they will send it to you–and if I understand correctly, they send books anywhere in the world. And I will be happy to personalize your book for you. HERE is the direct link to Shawn’s Brent Weeks page.

I’m signing the first batch of books when I’m up in Seattle for my book tour on August 26th, so if you want your book without delay, please get your order in. Sorry for the short notice. (I live 3.5 hours away from Shawn, so I can’t promise the fastest signing all the time.)

Those of you not interested in were-hawks, carry on.

Not Quite David Hasselhoff…

Who is/was wildly popular in odd places, BUT I am taking eastern Europe by storm. Well, by squall anyhow. Okay, it’s light drizzle–but with fiercely overcast skies. Last week, we sold the Polish rights to the whole trilogy. Mag Jacek Rodek will be publishing The Way of Shadows within 24 months. Then, this week, we sold the rights to the whole trilogy to the Czech Republic. Not sure which publisher, but most likely will also be out within 24 months, as well. Woo hoo!

As always, huge thanks to agents Don and Cameron at DMLA, and this time a double thank-you to Milena at Prava i Prevodi!

The Night Angel Trilogy will now be available in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Russia, Poland, and the Czech Republic. This weekend I will post the French cover of The Way of Shadows, its release date–and a new poll.