This Looks Perilously Close to Hawking my Wares

And I’m not a big ware-hawker… (Hmm, a were-hawk, there’s a story in that somewhere).


So, you’re looking for a signed book. Some authors are crazy enough that they grow big beards and say, Send All Your Books To My House (With Something Interesting) And I Will Sign It. Problem is, I’m not that guy. I have only a small goatee, and a penchant for losing even my own things.

Ergo, come to a book signing.

“Ah, Brent,” you say, “but I live in a foetid corner of Tasmania, and though I voted as per your instructions, you are not coming to an urban center near me. More’s the pity. Do you hate Australians?”

No, in fact, I like Australians so much, I don’t even attempt to do the accent–unlike many Americans, who are totally unable to restrain themselves from that whole “shrimp on the barbie” line. (I’m strong. I also don’t attempt the Sean Connery accent. Though that one’s a near thing.)

But, granted, there are a few thousand corners of the globe to which I have not trotted, or at least not while anyone knew that my scribble on a piece of paper might have some sentimental value to someone on the Australian version of Ebay. (Do you have Ebay Down Under? I heard in Russia it’s Mobile Money or something…)

To the matter at hand: You want a book with a Brent Weeks scrawl in it. I want you to be a happy fan. Here’s where The Signed Page steps in.

Basically, you buy the book through The Signed Page at a reasonable mark-up; I sign it (for free, I don’t make any money off this), and they will send it to you–and if I understand correctly, they send books anywhere in the world. And I will be happy to personalize your book for you. HERE is the direct link to Shawn’s Brent Weeks page.

I’m signing the first batch of books when I’m up in Seattle for my book tour on August 26th, so if you want your book without delay, please get your order in. Sorry for the short notice. (I live 3.5 hours away from Shawn, so I can’t promise the fastest signing all the time.)

Those of you not interested in were-hawks, carry on.

18 thoughts on “This Looks Perilously Close to Hawking my Wares

  1. Demarion says:

    I would seriously do that if shipping wasn’t another $20 to Canada. Bawwww.

  2. Cameron says:

    Booo, Tasmania! It’s not really part of Terra Australis, it’s a phoney! I am Australian and my word is law.
    I’m too poor to justify buying a signed copy. 🙁

  3. Aaron says:

    Hah, I love the reference to Mr. Rothfuss. I’m guessing you two are on good terms, you just have different terms for book signings. For the hardcore fans, the cost isn’t that much extra when you consider you get a ‘John Hancock’ of your favorite author, personalized no less. It could possibly cost more than that in gas just to arrive at an event Mr. Weeks would be present.

  4. ithinkimgonnamarrykylar says:

    Hi Brent
    I’m an Aussie but I don’t live in Tassie sorry 🙂
    Yes we do have eBay in Australia
    And my oversea friends that try the Aussie accent just make me laugh 🙂 they get it so wrong
    I wish you’d come to Australia anyway
    Coz then I could meet the person who created Kylar <3

  5. Maischeph says:

    So I have some commenting options:

    1) Gloat that I have a signed copy of The Way of Shadows. I <3 Comic-Con!

    2) Realize I paid $100 plus the cost of gas (from 9 hours away) to be at Comic-Con.

    1a) Apologize. Okay, I'm sorry, that was mean.

    3) Realize it's signed copIES.

    3a) Facepalm. I didn't get the second one made out to eBay.

    4) Dance naked in front of my pets.

    P.S. I guess 4 can't be done in comment form.

    P.P.S. ...Or can it?

  6. AO says:

    “I’m not that guy”.


    For those whose cities you wont be visiting, another option occurs to me, encourage them to come to you!

    For example, “If anyone’s been thinking of taking a vacation, I hear that the 94110 Zip Code of San Francisco on September 2, at 7:00 PM PDT is a real nice place”.
    “Everyone should visit Clackamas OR (97015) at least once in their lives! Don’t put it off any longer, why not stop by on September 4th at 12 noon PDT”?

    Just a thought. 🙂

    1. The Kelvinator says:

      I’m not from Tasmania either, I’m afraid. But I can confirm that we do have ebay (I bought a book off it today).

      Also, thanks for the telling us about this Mr Weeks.

      I still think that you should do an Australian tour though.

      Just for those broke students who can’t afford that much postage ($23.95!).

  7. brad goggins says:

    The book is amazing! Not unlike the night angel series was…i got my copy at 8 am this morning at cannot put it down. Phenomenal story, keep up the good work

  8. Stuart says:

    Haha! Already got mine ordered!!

  9. Steven Hodges says:

    I got a copy last week for myself, and bought one on Amazon for my brother…but now we see that you can get signed copies….so I bought another two.

    That’s right, I’ve now purchased The Black Prism four times. You better keep writing as well as you have for these last four books, or I’ll feel gipped.

    And Black Prism was awesome.

  10. John Sheetz says:

    I’ll be there for my autograph in S.F. on the 2nd, so see you there!

  11. Blase says:

    Does anyone know when the audiobook is being released? I noticed Audible already has a sample of it available and I had it all ordered, but then they said they couldn’t sell it due to some publishing agreement. I was wondering if anyone (Perhaps Brent?) knows when it’s going to go Viral, as the kids say. (assuming that’s applicable.)

  12. Caitlin says:

    hmmm were-hawks… Thats new…

  13. Chandler #2 in line, #1 in real life says:

    Brent, it was absolutely AMAZING meeting you tonight! No doubt, you are truly a genius. Keep up the great work, and next time you’re in Denver, we’re buying you a beer, my friend! —The Chandlers

  14. Will says:

    I just finished The Black Prism and wow. As good as, if not better than The Night Angel series (which is very good).
    The originality of the magic and characters you create in your work is very distinctive, and a cut above the vast majority of fantasy out there. I love the way your principle characters are flawed but easy to empathise with, and above all else, interesting.
    In all honesty, the only fantasy authors I’ve read (and I read a lot) who fail to pale in comparison with yourself are Peter Brett, Patrick Rothfuss and David Gemmell.
    Sooooo when’s the next book coming out?

  15. Crag says:

    Man I wish I had read this before I ordered my copy of The Black Prism.

    I guess I’ll have to patiently wait for you to visit the north of Australia…….

  16. Tania says:

    Just come to Australia- we don’t bite – ah well, there many things here that bite, but they don’t read books, ususally.

  17. Kate says:

    LOL!! Being from Tasmania and having just spent the last 6 weeks in the US I find this post absolutely hilarious.

    I spent most of the trip explaining that no I wasn’t English (seriously calling an Australian a Pom is justification for war) and if I wasn’t saying “no I’m not English, are you Canadian” it was constantly having to try and describe where Tassie is, that no it isn’t in Africa, no it isn’t only an animal (Tasmanian Devils are real and reside in Tasmania) and yes we are part of Australia but happily our own island.

    I came across signed copies of The Black Prism while travelling, can’t remember where but perhaps New York, and being so cheap over there to buy was happy to pick one up and bring it home with me. Can’t wait to read it 🙂

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