Speaking of Oz…

So I hear I’ve made a small splash in Australia. (Thanks, Joshua.) As a matter of fact, this past week, SFFNews.com noted that The Way of Shadows was Number Two on the Dymocks Bestselling Science Fiction and Fantasy List–more than two years after publication. (Thanks for the incredulous interrobang, dude.)

For all you non-philologists, that’s this dealie: “?!” as in “Brent Weeks is at Number Two? What the Hell?!”

Due to my relentless good fortune, I’ve had quite a number of Australian fans ask me to come to Australia. This week I broke down and virtually said yes. That isn’t that I almost said yes, it’s that I said yes… to a Skype interview. I’ll be speaking in March to Dragons in the Metcalfe, a gathering of bibliovorous librarians. Because really, who can say no to 140 librarians?

As I learned by watching Inception this week, the LAX to Sydney flight is one of the longest non-stop flights in the world.

I looked into flights–cuz hey, librarians!–but something makes me nervous about that Oceanic Flight 815.

*Yeah, I know 815 was the Sydney TO LA leg, so technically, it would be like flight 816. Work with me, people.

*EDIT/CORRECTION* I’m not actually coming to Australia this time, though I hope to within the next couple of years! And so far as I know, the Skype interview will only be visible to those who are attending that convention. So… not terribly helpful if you were hoping I’d visit YOU, but hey, baby steps.

13 thoughts on “Speaking of Oz…

  1. ChrisW says:

    You’re welcome. Enjoy the flight.

  2. Lex says:

    You’re coming to Australia?! As an Australian fan who doesn’t live in Sydney, I must say enjoy your time here! You’re going to love it. Just watch out for the bogans and the “dropbears”.

  3. John Liam Westcott says:

    Well, at least the endings to your novels are far more satisfying than the absolute garbage that was the ending of LOST! When your plane goes down and you spend the next 7 years running around aimlessly and faced with a relentless array of riddles that will NEVER be answered, do NOT find yourself tempted to emulate this style of garbage writing as you continue to work on the Black Prism series… which we know you will… or we’ll all be pissed when you come back to the real world.

    And say hi to Hugo for us.

  4. Tim says:

    Am I understanding this right? I thought the post was that he who does not suck is doing a skype interview, but the previous comments seem to imply that he’s actually coming here. Which is it?

    Either way, I’m excited, but I’ll be much more excited if he’s coming here.

    Does anyone know where we find/view the interview? I checked the link, couldn’t find any more details. I take it the interview will be shown at this seminar thing, will there be any other way to see it?

  5. Ryan mcgannon says:

    Yeah what the hell Brent weeks at number 2 he should be number 1

  6. Sarah says:

    PLEASE tell me your going to come to Melbourne

  7. Carly says:

    I am just so delighted that Australia is even on you radar! I know 3 other people that have read the Night Angel series and they don’t all know each other – and I didn’t get them started on it. No big surprise that the series is so popular here from my perspective.
    I am also a big fan of Pat Rothfuss, and was delighted to see your involvement in Worldbuilders- so am eagerly awaiting his next book as well (1st March!!!) as the sequel to The Black Prism.
    All the best to you!

  8. Haydz says:

    I agree with Sarah, please come to melbourne.
    Great to see that you’re considering the Aussies!

  9. Shenae says:

    hey ive in australia and i work in Dymocks and Way of the Shadows is number one in the top ten for sci-fi and fantasy 🙂 and so it should be great book!!

  10. Shaun says:

    I bought (and devoured the trilogy in a week) and subsequently encouraged my friends to buy the the series around that time of year. I feel like I’ve contributed!

    Waiting for Black Prism to come out in mass-market paperback. I can’t stand trade paperback. (They screw up my library!)

    1. Shaun says:

      I just discovered that I (may have) used the terms incorrectly. Ack!

      Apparently you can get standard and large trade paperbacks. Likely I have standard trade. I could be wrong. (And likely am)

  11. Jack Harris says:

    Hey Brent,
    Be great to have you here mate. And I agree with Rex – “watch our for the bogans and dropbears” – nasty stuff!!!

  12. Jarod Kachovich says:

    Sad to hear you are not headding down here I guess we will see you in some years to come then 😉

    Ever since I read the books I have reccomended them to people when ever I could and have got plenty of them addicted to it. I was happy to see a whole shelf at my local book store dedicated to ‘The Black Prisim’ rather when I found the NA:trilogy (two copys of each).

    If you do decide to come down here you should send a email out, keep up the good work and will be waiting for the next of the lightbringer trilogy.


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