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r/Books Ask Me Anything!

I’m going live basically right now to answer questions over at Reddit’s subforum r/Books. If you have a question that I haven’t answered or that you’d like to see if I answer it again in some different way, please come and join us and ask your questions. Or just lurk.

Any questions I don’t get to tonight I will try to revisit tomorrow, although I generally tap out after about 20 hours. Hope to see you there!

(Note my very scholarly and serious proof picture.)



Atika Zamimi Interviews Brent

Atika Zamimi has just posted an interview with Brent. Go HERE to read about whether he’d ever bring Elene back to life, which color he would choose to draft (if he could), whether he ever gets writer’s block — and more!

Danish Interview at Windblown Pages

Windblown Pages


For his Danish readers, Brent gave an interview in 2013 to Danish blogger Anne Nikoline. She’s opened a new blog and has re-posted the interview over on Windblown Pages. Go HERE to read about Brent’s thoughts on his weaknesses as a writer, his favorite Night Angel character, and which media form (other than his own book!) he’d most like to experience the Night Angel Series.