My Valentine’s Day Gift to the world…

When I first published The Way of Shadows, I made a joke in the back about ‘Where I get my ideas’ (a question every writer gets–a lot). I said I had no ideas, I just paid a Bulgarian to think them up for me…

Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people think I was serious. (How do I get this kind of idea-making-up job? Why a Bulgarian? Aren’t American ideas good enough for you?)

But now I have another reason to not use that joke–because the first two books of the Lightbringer Series is coming to Bulgaria! We’ve also picked up a few other languages. The entire Night Angel trilogy is coming to Brazil, Romania is testing the waters with The Way of Shadows, France picks up Perfect Shadow, and mainland China will be getting the entire Lightbringer Series.

Also, because it’s Valentine’s Day, take this yawning baby hedgehog. No one can be sad when they see a yawning baby hedgehog.

A yawning hedgehog

3 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day Gift to the world…

  1. Martijn says:

    Congratulations! What did they translate Azoth as?

    P.S. Was the hedgehog your own idea, our outsourced ;)?

  2. Brandon says:

    That is awesome your writing is able to reach so many people now. It must feel amazing to have allowed your characters to achieve success. Also…um…that dude should watch his finger…that may not be a yawn.

  3. Looney says:

    I agree with Brandon- about both your writing and the finger/hedgehog combo!

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