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Reddit Fantasy_Bookclub


Brent had such a good time answering questions for the Reddit community a couple months ago (link HERE), that when the Reddit Fantasy_Bookclub asked him to come by and do it again, he was more than happy to say yes.  He’ll be answering questions live on May 15 at 7pm Central Standard Time over HERE. Come check it out and also see all of the great books the bookclub is reading and discussing.  Check it out, maybe it’s a good fit for you. Like last time, you will need a login in order to participate.  Hope you can make it!

And there’s a new poll at right.

Reddit AMA Update

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions to Tuesday’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit Fantasy! Lots of great questions, and I appreciated all the people who came on board just to say “hi”! I checked in yesterday morning to answer a bunch more questions, and will be checking in just briefly tomorrow (Friday) to answer a few more.

Moderator “elquesogrande” says that the event was in the top-10 of all their AMA events since they began 4.5 years ago, which is awesome. So a big thank you to everyone who participated! The Brent Weeks AMA came in at #7, just behind…

Wait a second.

Joe Abercrombie?!? Joe Abercrombie came in at #6?!?’s Ask Me Anything: Featuring Brent Weeks!

Ever wanted to interview me yourself? Tonight, you can. That’s right, I go online at 7pm CST (that’s 1am GMT), to answer your questions at’s Fantasy section. Check it out HERE. EDIT: Oops, that’s just the announcement page. The questions page is HERE. Sorry. You do have to be a member to ask questions (lurking is free!), but the sign-up is relatively painless and doesn’t cost anything (darn, was going to hit them up for royalties, ah well).

You can start posting comments/questions now, and between 7pm and 9pm Central Standard Time, I’ll be responding to them.

To add a reminder to your calendar, click here: 0

Look forward to talking with you tonight!