Writing Advice Update: Magic Systems & Finishing Book 2

This month in my Writing Advice Update, I discuss one of the most important subjects in fantasy: creating your own magic system. Along the way, I discuss working with a high-magic versus low-magic worlds, magic and technology, well-defined and ill-defined magics and the benefits of each, and what kinds of questions you need to ask yourself while you’re creating your system if you want to be rigorous.

And thanks for your patience in this slightly delayed post — as I mentioned earlier, we had a couple big posts earlier this week, and I’ve just finished the first draft of The Lightbringer Trilogy #2 yesterday! It’s called The Blinding Knife and will be out in September 2012 (ish). Now I get the joy of editing for the next few months, and then Orbit begins work on production.

Hope you enjoy the writing advice update!

7 thoughts on “Writing Advice Update: Magic Systems & Finishing Book 2

  1. Cal says:

    just over a year to go! cant wait

  2. robert musillo (@eqzitara) says:


    Excited about book two, september 2012 feels so far away.

  3. Stacie says:

    I need to stop reading your posts…they give me too many good ideas for stories when I already have stories I need to focus on and FINISH durring this life time.

    …Okay, let’s face it, anything you write is too awesome to pass up…

    Thanks for being epic Brent!

  4. Zara says:

    Are you ever going to write another trilogy about Kylar…you left the Night Angel Trilogy hanging *sob*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jeremy J. says:

      Remember that prophecy of Dorian’s about the kid who’d wield the sword? Yeah. That’s next up after Lightbringer. I’d imagine it’ll be around 2016 by the time we get to that. Kinda depressing that it’ll be that long, but with two years between each LB book, I imagine he’ll wait two more years after he finishes this trilogy to start that one.

      That makes me sad. Write faster, sir? 🙁

  5. robert says:

    WOOT! i finished book 1 of the Lightbringer, gah, seems as there is not 2 but 4 prisms! i want to learn moar cant wait for the next!

  6. John Armlovich says:

    I have read The Black Prism some 50-60 times now and I am still making new connections between parts of the plot. I loved The Night Angel trilogy and loved it. I got my father to watch it as well and I can honestly say that I cannot wait for book 2 of the LB series to come out. I also must say that I have read many, many fantasy books and of all the books I have read these ones you have published are among my top ten favorites. Keep writing! I eagerly await your next book!

    Thank You,
    John Armlovich

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