The Blinding Knife Excerpt & Updates

As some of you may know, the new mass market paperback edition of The Black Prism will have the first couple chapters of the sequel, The Blinding Knife, included. When I told you that, some of you said, “Hey! What about those of us who shilled out for the hardcover? Why shouldn’t WE get to read those chapters?” To which I said, Doh! You should!


The first three chapters of The Blinding Knife will actually be available to you before the paperback readers get to see it. If you head over to The Black Prism Fan Page on Facebook, and “like” it, you’ll get access to that chapter… today. (Look in the left column.) See? I’m not forgetting you! Brent’ll take care of ya.

(And for those of you who despise Facebook or refuse to “Like” things, after the paperback release, my publisher has given me permission to post that chapter here.)

And an update on The Blinding Knife: I have finished the first draft. I didn’t really believe it when I wrote “The End,” so I erased it and rewrote it. Twice. I am now deeply involved with edits. The release is tentatively scheduled for around September 1, 2012.

(Also, another teaser clip should be up on Facebook on Tuesday!)




11 thoughts on “The Blinding Knife Excerpt & Updates

  1. Jeremy J. says:

    Called it.

    Thank you, sir.

  2. Andrius says:

    I think its great that someone has put this much time and effort to make something like this for such an amazing novel, but if just a trailer is this good, why am I not hearing more news about the Way of Shadows Movie? Is it still on? Has a first draft been made or are they going to stay true to the story? Is it being supervised by the One and Only? Any news would be welcome.

    1. Ria says:

      These stills look amazing. I so want to watch this movie. Can’t wait to read the book – I know it’s not so good for you, but I prefer to read mass market paperback (easier to hold).

    2. Ria says:

      Sorry, Andrus. I meant to write my own comment, rather than replying to yours 😛

  3. Tim says:

    “(And for those of you who despise Facebook or refuse to “Like” things, after the paperback release, my publisher has given me permission to post that chapter here.)”

    You would not believe how relieved and grateful I was when I read this.

    Andrius: While I know next to nothing about the film industry, I got the impression that they were never actually planning to make the movie, just some guy bought the rights “just in case.” But I could be wrong?

    1. Andrius says:

      I really hope that’s not the case; I was really looking forward to the next Lord of the Rings/ Harry Potter movie Trilogy based on the best series ever. I am curious though: what do you mean by in case? I just think that if you buy the movie rights, might as well make something of it…

      1. Tim says:

        Just in case he decided for some reason to make a movie out of it, or someone else wanted it, so he’d have some control over what happened (I guess he’d sell it to them for more money or something?)

  4. Grant says:

    ahhemmmm excuse me, your publisher has given you permission?!?! To do something with what you created? I’ll never understand this whole system lol. keep on writin’ 😀

    1. brent says:

      Permission, yes. Because you see, I SOLD them the property. I wrote it, they gave me money for it. Within the bounds we agreed upon, they own it. Think, for example, if I sold them the rights, and then put up the whole book on my website–or on Amazon. Obviously, they need to know I won’t do that. So that’s one of the things we agree I won’t do. Etcetera. Also, when people are working hard, trying to put together a campaign to sell your books, it behooves you not to screw up their plans. So, I ask.

  5. Cameron says:

    Thanks for listening! =D

  6. Taylor says:

    You sir are one amazing author looking forward to the continuance of your awesome books

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