38 thoughts on “Black Prism Book Trailer Released!

  1. Gregory says:

    Good god Brent Orbit went to town making a movie quality trailer for the Black Prism… Though I have a copy I’m tempted to get the paperback too

  2. Marid says:

    Wow, at first I started to look for differences between the trailer and the book, but I forgot all about the differences once a saw how awesome everything looked. Frankly, this has got to be one of the only book trailers I’ve ever seen to have done anything like this. You guys should consider doing some sort of mini-series, or even just a few memorable scenes from the book. Any would be great. Hopefully I’ll even get one of my friends into the series with this trailer. He’s not as open-minded to the Fantasy genre as he used to; he actually called Shadow’s Edge a joke book, for god’s sake! Needless to say I exacted my revenge.

  3. robert says:

    Was kip black in the book or was he white you never really specified that point but all in all the trailer was great

    1. Marid says:

      I’m pretty sure he was either black or some other dark skin tone. I remember Kip mentioning in the boo that he didn’t like his blue eyes because they looked strange in contrast to his dark skin.

    2. miko says:

      Actually it referenced the fact that he looked strange with his brown skin in contrast to his blue eyes…. Many people in tyrea with dark skin, blue eyes not so much. Don’t just read absorb, comprehend and re-read yu will always find things yu missed that make the story better

      1. miko says:

        Sorry Madrid already answered lol looks like we both need to read better

  4. kevin shortt says:

    cool, loved the trailer. is there anyway i can download it?

  5. jj says:

    few things i have a problem with im not sure if kip was black, and he doesnt look fat. the blue writ i dont remember having caps and think the way it was in teh book with the lixion in his skin was formed to look almost bugish maybe thats me. and a big big thing vilote was invisable in teh book

  6. brandonS. says:

    Kickass trailer, but one VERY confusing thing was trying to figure out who was who. Where was Kip (I just kould not find him). I recognized the Prism and several other charactors, but not Kip. If he was in the trailer, would somebody please point it out for me:)

    Extra note: dug the action. Almost felt like a Wuxia film.

    1. jj says:

      kip was the black kid

  7. Korvazor says:

    Slight discrepancies aside, it was quite awesome. I never knew they made book trailers before this lol.

  8. brad dickey says:

    I think its pretty cool. Makes me want a TV show. This book Kwan made for TV. Think about it, with all this bright shiny sparkles done with the light, even my A.D.D. ass watched it with all my snypases. Both of them.

  9. BCsmith says:

    Campy fun trailer. Brent, just to ask, was kip really black in the book? (it’s been a while since i’ve read it).

  10. Yesenia says:

    The contrast between Kip’s skin and eyes was beautiful! I don’t really care that he wasn’t fat or if there were some things that differed from the book; my point is: the trailer was phenomenal! I really thought it was creative and it gave me a better picture of what drafting might look like. I really liked the scene were Vivi was drafting super violet and the part where Kip is just shocked and the camera lingers on his face for a few seconds. It would be nice if a trailer for the second book was able to be out before its release, like a sort of teaser. I think it is called The Blind Knife but I’m not sure.

  11. Cody says:

    I didn’t like the main lad his son he look completely wrong and isn’t he wrong color also??
    And he is too old. {should have tone colour more like dad.}

    Apart from that mess it looked good I probably would not watch if it was a series because of this mistake same if was maid a film.

    Wish would be more accurate that really annoys me not as can ruin a great book.

    Also what about nxt book in series come on some info? Would of been really appreciated if at least gave name of nxt book in series at the end of the book and easier to keep eye out for.

    Dame insurances and bad annoyances.

  12. Fuu says:

    I thought it was pretty obvious Kip was “black”? I myself did imagine him with slightly longer hair but that’s not specified in the book so meh.

    Discrepancies aside, great trailer! Hope you can make one for The Blinding Knife!

  13. Mohammad says:

    Yes he’s black, why is that such a surprise to everyone? And the second book is called The Blinding Knife, for anyone who’d like to know.

  14. Mohammad says:

    “She huffed out a breath and turned away while the boy rubbed his head and moaned. The boy squinted
    at her, but she kept her back to him. She busied herself unstringing her bow and stowing it. The boy
    turned his royal blue eyes to Gavin. Interesting, with his light brown skin and kinky hair. Blue eyes were
    blue because they were the deepest, and thus the most light-sensitive and best light-collecting. It was far
    from the only criterion, but people with blue eyes were disproportionately represented among the most
    powerful drafters. More light to use, more power to burn.”

    See, light brown skin. So he’s probably black.

    1. jj says:

      oh i think i read that as him being tan but i guess im just dumb

      1. Mohammad says:

        Ya I know, “black” is just the general, blanket term. He could just as well be described as tan.

  15. brent says:

    Thanks, everyone. For the awesomeness that film has in showing vibrant cool magic and amazing fight scenes, novels have an unlimited scope. (Check out even huge-budget Game of Thrones, where fifty dudes on horses have to represent 50 thousand from the book.) In my book, Kip a multi-racial kid in a faux-Mediterranean basin. Think of all the peoples there (North Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Greece, and Europe), and blend them. That’s Kip. He’s a fat kid who looks different from other people where he grows up, and he feels like an outsider because of that. What he is not is a lily-white Northern European kid. The part, though brief, was a casting challenge: fat (how many fat actors are there?), young, multiracial, willing to do stunts with horses, available on the dates, etc. etc. Terrence Williams was the best actor available for the part, and I thought he did a great job. We made other choices too that weren’t 100% direct translations of the text: like Gavin’s hair color. Leo had a great idea to set up the last shot of the trailer so it faded to the book–hopefully helping people remember what the book cover looks like. (Which, after all, is the point!) Because Gavin on the book cover is lit from behind, he looks like he has black hair. In the text, Gavin has ‘copper colored hair’. So in the trailer do you go with black hair to make the visual connection to the book clearer for possible new buyers, or do you go with red hair to be more accurate? I said go with the black hair. It’s a 2 minute book trailer–not a movie. Creative license is necessary–it’s an adaptation not a translation–and I’m fine with that. The purpose is to give people some flavor of the world and the story, and I think this does that brilliantly.

    1. Luku says:

      Makes complete sense. You the man Brent

  16. kevin shortt says:

    wait… thats gavin on the cover, but isnt gavin clean shaven? 🙂 yea yea i know, its a book cover not a photo 🙂 awesome trailer. pity there was no dazen. any chance of another one for part 2.

  17. Mohammad says:

    Thanks for clearing that up for us. Is there any chance you’ll be doing this for your other newly released books? I don’t doubt that this has really helped increase your sales for the mass market paperback edition and brought a great deal of attention to you as an author in general, we enjoy them, and orbit gets something new to feature on its site; everybody wins.:)

  18. jj says:

    it was good now you should make one for night angel …. please please please

  19. Arious says:

    A positive note, I loved everything Brent weeks wrote, however this does no justice. I am completely disappointed. I sincerely can’t wait for your next book, but i hope my eyes don’t have the misfortune of watching another trailer this bad.

    1. Tim says:

      I agree, but my problem with the trailer was more its complete lack of relevance to the book. The few things that you’d think would give you a clue to what the book was about were misleading at best (the portrayal of chromaturgy in that was nothing like in the book), and the rest was just random fighting. It just didn’t seem to serve any sort of purpose, and I didn’t find it interesting enough to stand on its own.

  20. Fatikis says:

    A. Why is Kip not fat?
    I’m pretty sure I recall him being fat.

    B. Why is Kip black?
    I have no problem having him be black, but I would have thought there would be some mention of it. Gavin is white, and while I know a black child from one white parent is possible it would be very confusing.

    ESPECIALLY because everyone says that Kip looks like Gavin’s father.
    Unless his dad was also black. Which would lead to a lot more confusion.

    C. Gavin shaved daily. There is a lot of mentions of this.

    Sorry there are too many inconsistencies for me to like this.

    I enjoy it as a separate thing, but in my mind it is not Black Prism.

    1. Mohammad says:

      Fatikus, most of your questions are answered in the comment that Brent made a while ago.

    2. Fuu says:

      Kip WAS “black”. Or more accurately he was “brown”. He wasn’t “white”. The book was clear on it when I read it.

      And if I recall correctly, Gavin is deeply tanned, dunno what his father actually looks like but Gavin mentioned that Kip looked like his dead brother, not his father. Given the situation in which he made that statement we don’t really know if it’s true.

      At any rate Kip’s mother Lina was obviously “black” too so……

      To everyone in general, you people do know of all the colour words that can describe skin that Brent used other than “black” and “white” right?

      1. Peter says:

        Yes good point, but when some of us say ” black”, we just mean anyone with a slightly dark skin tone, Kip doesn’t have to be really really dark skinned, like, dark chocolate to be reffered to as ” black”. But, as you stated, there are other words besides black and white. Tanned, coffee colored etc. . .

      2. peter says:

        Good point, but when a lot of people describe him as “black”, they just mean someone with dark skin. Kip doesn’t have to be really reallly black, like, dark chocolate black, to be black. But yes, there are several other words anyone could have used to describe his skin tone, like tan, coffee coloured, etc. . .

        1. Kevin says:

          I’ve always thought of Kip’s skin tone as similar to one of my friends who is half Iranian and half South African; he refers to himself as “black”, but a ton of people refer to him as just “tanned”.

  21. Samantha says:

    The trailer was fun but for me the only big disappointment is Karris. She’s my favorite character, I always imagined her to be slight in build with bright (not too birght) red hair, pale skin and really vibrant eyes. So basically I imagined this beautiful attractive woman in this stunning black dress and felt slightly let down. Although I will say I quite liked the other characters and Kip’s eyes sure were blue. =^.^=

  22. Caius says:

    (The following is based on the whole spectrum of comments, not singling anyone out)

    1. So Brent, apparently if you want your readers to get the idea that a character is anything other than white European, you have to beat them over the head with it.

    2. Apparently a book trailer is intended for fan service, rather than as a teaser to entice newcomers to read the book.

    For the record, I think it’s brilliant.

  23. Melissa says:

    I have to say, I didn’t really like the trailer. It made the book seem cheesy. It’s not that I don’t think it wasn’t a good trailer for an actual movie, but I honestly don’t think it did the book justice. It was a bit confusing, and you couldn’t really tell who all the characters were except Kip and Gavin. Frankly, if I just saw the trailer, I would not want to go out and read the book, but that’s just my weird opinion.

  24. Stavros says:

    I have to agree with Melissa here.

    Brent, the amount of imagination and creativity that’s in the book is enough already, pretty much perfect, why mess with it? 🙂 It feels like the creators of the trailer didn’t read the book.

    Just my opinion.

  25. Malcolm says:

    Loved the trailer but didn’t realise that it was for the book. I thought maybe it had been made into a film (now I’m really excited)… oops, my mistake (now slightly deflated). Make the film Brent… I’ll go and see it.

    Cant wait for book 3 now.

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