I’m Back! I’m Back! I’m…. Back?

Last time around, I was nominated and shortlisted for the David Gemmell Legend Award for The Night Angel Trilogy. I’ve now been nominated again for the David Gemmell Legend Award for The Black Prism, and I’d like to say that I’m glad to be back:

All joking aside, it’s an honor to be nominated again. To be listed alongside old heroes and new greats is still mind-blowing when I think that just a few years ago I was looking up their agents’ names in the acknowledgements section of their books! Brandon, Nora, Peter… I really look forward to losing to you!

If, of course, you want to fight for the underdog, the poll is open until March 2011. You can go here to see a complete list of nominees and here to vote for yours truly… I mean, the most deserving!

And if I win, I promise to have a slap fight with this guy:

13 thoughts on “I’m Back! I’m Back! I’m…. Back?

  1. robert says:


  2. Marid says:

    Woah! Just in case no one knows who that guy is, thats Joe Abercrombie, or “Joe the Warrior”, the guy who wrote the First Law trilogy, Best Served Cold, and the upcoming Heroes. God he looks weird holding that axe! No but seriously, Congrats, Brent! Hope you kick everyones’ asses and win it for us all! Best of luck!

  3. Kim says:

    Umm, yea, that guy totally needs to be slapped…I mean a suit AND ax? Is he trying to be a Barney? He looks ridiculous! Definitely needs a longer beard and some furs.

  4. Tristan says:

    Seems to have a death grip on that axe that looks suspiciously like Druss the legends own Snaga. Keep them coming Brent.

  5. Mateusz says:

    “Czarny Pryzmat” is coming to Poland. Oh yeah!
    Love ya Brent 😀 You’re doing a magnificent work in your books 😀
    Can’t wait for the new one, i hope it’s worth its price like others of yours.

    Greetings from Cracow, come and visit this beautiful city sometimes 😉


    1. Ellie says:

      This makes everything so completely pnaisles.

  6. blue says:

    Mr. Week,
    I admire your courage.

  7. Tim says:

    In a battle between fanboyism and patriotism, fanboyism won hands down. I decided that were I to vote, I would vote for you over Sara Douglass. However, I also decided that I probably shouldn’t vote, having not read any of the others (not even the Douglass one).I guess I voted with my cash by buying BP.

    Marik: None of that meant anything to me whatsoever.

    1. Tim says:

      Sorry, Marid not Marik. This thing needs an edit function…

  8. Anybody can look tough with an axe like that in hand. I’m voting for you. Can’t wait for the next Prism book.

  9. Elliot Kane says:

    For me, it came down to either you or Adrian Tchaikovsky. That was one REALLY tough choice. I like years that make it that hard! 🙂

    You got my vote, but it was close! 🙂

  10. Andrea says:

    This vote was hands down. After finding myself in the library, and online attempting to locate an author with even a smidgen of your ability was a bit disappointing. So, I suppose I will be without a really good book to read until you publish some more. I hope you hurry. No pressure, though. Just know that after reading all of your books, I really am despairing to locate books that have the same kind of class.

    1. Mateusz says:

      “Just know that after reading all of your books, I really am despairing to locate books that have the same kind of class.”

      Same thing here… Luckily I think Poland will be the first non-english country where “Black Prism” will be published so few more days and I go to my bookshop to buy it. 😀

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