Everything’s Big in … France?

Recently got my copies of The Way of Shadows as translated into Dutch and French. I think now I can say, “I’m big in France.” (If only literally.)

Here are shots of the books next to their American counterpart.

My Dutch Big Brother

French front cover

Back blurb en francais

(Click any to enlarge.)

How cool is that? It’s still amazing and very weird to think that someone with whom I couldn’t communicate if I met them in real life could read what I’ve poured so much of my life into. So thank you to my translators Peter Cuijpers and Olivier Debernard, and to editors Jürgen Snoeren and Stéphane Marsan of Mynx and Bragelonne respectively.

12 thoughts on “Everything’s Big in … France?

  1. Katja says:

    Hi Mr. Brents!

    I really can’t wait to hold your books in hands – for sure in german!

    I’ve read the Trilogy in English! I Love them! <3

    I’m going to make some publicity *^* so that all my friends have to read them <3!

    best regards,


  2. henriet benjamin says:

    very good book !!!!!!!
    when you translate tome 2 and 3 in french ???????
    please hurry !!!!!

    1. brent says:

      I have sold the rights to all three books in France–so they are coming. When they get published, however, is totally up to Bragelonne. I suggested that they publish in three consecutive months like in the US, but obviously, they decided to do something different. I hope it’s soon, too!

  3. harvey foulger says:

    can’t wait

  4. Natasha C. says:

    I’m from the Netherlands but I’ve the habit to read books in the original language. Anyhow I just wanted to say: I love your books! Thanks for sharing your fantasy world with the rest of us.

  5. Yay, yay, yay! This is so exciting. How about that French artwork? The French always have to elaborate on everything.

  6. Heleen says:

    The Dutch book is a big as a brick! Coming from the Netherlands i’m very glad to have the paperback in my pocket, ready to read anytime!
    I’m waiting for the new books!

  7. Nathalia Tejada says:

    oh~ I really want the french copy!!!
    I’ve read the series already in english (I live in the US) but I’m learning french and would love to try my hand at it! I’m sure it will be difficult but, it worth a shot right?
    hmm… now, if i could only get my hands on it…

  8. Audrey says:

    Hello !
    I’d really loved The way of shadow, I read this book in french and I’m very excited to read the tome 2 but I don’t know when he will be published in France, I hope very quickly ! It’s one of better book I have ever read !

  9. Fina says:

    Love that French cover 😀

  10. nanaika says:

    I havent read the english versions yet but i’v read the dutch one, it was great “P, and i hope tome 2 en 3 will come out very soon! Does anyone know when they come out??

  11. Kelly says:

    Well I read the trilogy in English and thought it would be fun to read the dutch version in a bookstore. as much as i like the book, in dutch it was… bad. I’ll stick to the english version 😛

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